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Outdoor Recreation

Reasons for participation

Chantelle Drolc

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Outdoor Recreation

Reasons for Participation in outdoor recreation People participate in outdoor recreation activities for many different reasons. These include: Challenge Outdoor recreation can be exhilirating and challenging for the mind and body. Sometimes there is a level of risk in the activity that attracts people seeking a thrill, for example, white water rafting or abseiling.
Most of us live in an urban environment. Outdoor recreation activities provide a stark contrast to our normal life, a challenge and change of scenery.
Personal success in these types of activities can increase an individual's self- esteem and confidence and improve their self image. Social Benefits Outdoor rec provides opportunities for people to enjoy themselves with family and friends, or to meet new people with shared interests. Group activities can lead to improved communication and a sense of belonging and mutual respect for all those involved. Personal Growth Outdoor rec provides unique opportunities for decision making and problem solving outside a person's normal patterns of behaviour, leading to personal growth. People are able to test their limits and achieve a high level of personal satisifaction by attempting and achieving their personal bests. Physical Development Passive forms of recreation such as fishing provide relaxation, but not much physical activity. Rock climbing and cross country skiing improve strength and endurance, skiing and surfing develop balance and co-ordination. Psychological benefits By achieving goals that they may not have thought they were capable of achieving, an individual can enhance their self esteem, create a positive feeling of self-sufficiency, develop their confidence and improve their overall wellbeing. Outdoor rec can also be a way to relax, release stress and 'get away from it all.' Appreciation of the environment People can learn to appreciate the beauty and serenity of Australia's vast array of landforms and climates. This leads to increased consciousness of the need to preserve the natural environment. Using the above reasons for participation, read the descriptions below and identify the reasons why they participate. a) Rhiannon is a thrill seeker and loves snowboarding on steep, untouched mountains
b) Mark (Dransfield) and his family enjoy bushwalking because of the scenery
c)Kyra kayaks with friends on Saturdays
d)Mitch is in a rock climbing club that allows for different abilities
e) Michael (Loveday) competes in orienteering events for fitness and to stimulate his mind!
f)Antonio hikes and kayaks to keep fit and feel good.
g) Natalie and Shez like abseiling because of the views. Safety Considerations All outdoor rec activities involve a degree of risk.
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