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No description

Misty Friedsam

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Eng. II PAP

Mrs. Friedsam
English II Pre-AP
This is going to be a wonderful year,
and I’m thrilled to be here and have you in my class!
I hope you have an enlightening year full of positive challenges as well as grow together as readers,
writers, and most importantly as learners.
2 Small Folders
with Brads!
(Not Binders!)
Notebook Paper
Pen or Pencil
Flash Drive
Novel for Current
Reading Selection
Officially my tutorials times are: Tuesday, and Thursday before school ,(7:45-8:20), afternoons, (4:00-4:30), or by appointment.
It’s always a good idea to confirm when you plan to attend, but I am usually available mornings until 8:20, except on Fridays, (I have morning duty), and days in which NHS meetings take place.
I am also available afternoons until 4:30 and I can usually stay later if needed.
Afternoons are usually the best time to come if you are in need of extensive help or are working on an assignment that may be longer in nature.
Please come prepared with specific questions, so I can better focus on your needs.
If you are absent, you will be given ONE class for each class that you are absent to make up your work.
Any work turned in after the allotted time will be considered late;

You will also be notified in advance when tests will be given; therefore, you will be expected to take it on the date it is assigned, even if it is the day you return from the absence.
If you are tardy to class, be prepared to complete a “Tardy Statement” unless the tardy is excused by the office.
Attendance and Tardy Policies:
All work is expected to be turned in at the beginning of class on the day that the assignment/s is/are due. Points will be deducted from late work.
Late work will NOT be accepted after the due date for any major projects or major assessments with a predetermined due date.
For each calendar day that a daily assignment is late, 20% of your grade on the assignment may be deducted. For example, if you make a grade of 100 on a daily assignment, and it is turned in one day late, the grade may be reduced to an 80 after late points are taken off. If you turn in an assignment two calendar days late, 40% of your grade may be deducted; therefore, a grade of a 100 may be reduced to a 60.
On the third calendar day credit for the assignment may be denied.
If you know in advance that you will be absent, you need to get the assignments in advance.
If you are absent for an extended period of time, the situation may be dealt with on an individual basis.
Late Work:
Most reading will be done outside the classroom and some will be challenging; this is designed to help you as a student develop reading “muscles” for tackling the STAAR test and the AP exam as well as more difficult literature you will encounter this year and in the future. Remember you are required to bring your novel for the current reading selection to class every day.
A Note: I recommend that you keep a record of
daily assignments and homework,
as I expect you to meet deadlines.
Projects and compositions are scheduled in advance
and can be turned in prior to the due date to avoid penalty
resulting from an absence.
Keep in mind that students enrolled in
Pre-AP and AP classes are required
to stay current in their work.
Grading Policy: You will receive a minimum of 2 Major Grades which may consist of unit exams, major essays, projects, research, unit tests, etc. If an assignment is considered a major assessment, you will be notified in advance. Your 2 (min.) Major Grades will consist of 45% of your class average.

You will receive a minimum of 6 daily grades each six-weeks grading period originating from daily assignments; your 6 (min.) Daily Grades will consist of 20% of your class average.

You will also receive a minimum of two quiz grades each six-weeks grading period originating from various quizzes, (which you may or may not be notified about in advance),and district Common Assessments. Quizzes and CA’s will consist of35% of your average.
Grading Policy:
Complete honesty is required in the presentation of all class work: failure to comply with this policy will result in a lowered grade, an F for the assignment and/or an F for the course depending on the circumstances. Plagiarism is using information from a secondary source and failing to give credit to the source. For example, if you choose to use information from Spark Notes without citing the information, then you have committed plagiarism. You will be completing several in-class writings, so I will be familiar with your writing style. Due to the nature of the class, you will work both collaboratively and independently. You are expected to do your own work whether you are participating in a group activity or working alone. You are also required to give credit for information when you use someone else’s words or ideas
Please do not borrow from, or release major or daily assignments to other classmates.
If you copy, or if your paper is copied, both parties
will be considered equally guilty.
I do expect you to respect others as well as yourself at all times, which includes bringing all of your supplies to class everyday, being seated and working on the opening activity as soon as the bell rings and be ready to give 100% during the entire period.
If trash is left in the class or behavior becomes a problem, certain class privileges may be suspended or removed.
Our class time is limited and very valuable, so please take care of personal needs during passing periods.
Food and Drinks will Not be Allowed in class, and neither will electronic devices such as: Game Systems, Cell Phones or any Musical Devices.

You will also be sitting in assigned seats much of the time and seating may change depending the current activity and/or behavior, etc.
Daily Routines/ Class Rules:
Having an electronic device out during a quiz or test is unacceptable and will result in an automatic zero.
Throughout the year please keep in mind
that I do have high expectations of you,
as I hope you have of yourself,
and each challenge is presented to you
only to help you better reach your full potential
as an educated individual.
I am looking forward to an exciting year,
and I hope you are as well!
Societal Criticism/Awareness
Style Analysis
Literary Analysis
& Expository Writing

Roles of Leadership
Rhetorical Analysis &
Persuasive Writing
Class Web Page: http://staff.comalisd.org/misty.friedsam

Email: misty.friedsam@comalisd.org
Conference Period: 5th Period
School Phone: 830-221-2400 ext 3340

. *Please Complete and Return the Signature Portion of the Class Expectations Handout!
However, assignments with a previous set due date will NOT be accepted late.
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