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Hockey Muscles

A Prezi about Hockey Muscles

Jerrit V

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Hockey Muscles

What is the most common injury in Hockey and how can this be prevented
Hip joint and groin muscle injuries occur because of the mechanics of the skating stride.
Regular strengthening and stretching can help to prevent this muscle injury from occurring
Also, concussion's occur because of large blows (hits) to the head
This can be resolved by not being an instigator but has no proven ways of preventing this

Hockey History
The object of the game is to get the puck past the goalie and allow the least amount of goals in a short amount of time. Although some people think it was invented in the stone age, others think it was invented in the 1800's hockey really doesn't have a recorded origin but the NHL was created on November 26, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec. There were an original three teams in 1917. And for many years to come the great sport would become a worldwide game of great fun and sacrifice.
Hockey Legends
Everyone has a favorite hockey team but there are some memorable players in hockey
Don Cherry-Defense
Bobby Orr-Defense
Patrick Roy-Goalie
Wayne Gretsky-Center
Mario Lemieux-Center
Sidney Crosby-Center
Jaroslav Halak-Goalie
Jerrit Vanderzwan-Goalie
Hockey Muscles
What groups of muscles are used in Hockey
Even though just skating involves alot of muscles here are a few from basic hockey drills
Gluteus Maximum-Skating
Abdominal-Puck Control
Pelvis-Puck Control
Rectus-Puck Control
What Powers Canada's Favorite Sport
Groin Strain
Due to the mechanics of skate
Too long of skating strides

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