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By Connie Wilkinson

connie wilkinson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Internet

INTERNET Popular Websites How They Work eBay is a website. It is a place for online auctions. Anybody can sell almost anything they want there. People can buy many things there as well. People have to send what they sell themselves, usually using mail. They can transfer the money in any way they want.
Amazon.com is an online store that sells books, movies, games, DVDs , music CDs, computer software and other items. It is the largest online store right now. Facebook is a social networking website. It currently has over 300 million active users. It is the world's largest social networking website.
The website is free to use, anyone who is 13 years old and older with a valid e-mail address can become a Facebook user. Users can join networks organized by workplace, school, and interests (things they like to do) to connect and interact with other people. They can send messages, look at their friends' pictures, and interact online. People on Facebook can interact through private messages, "Wall" messages, comments, or chat. Wall messages are messages that appear on someone's profile page.
Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia project in many languages. It is free of charge. It is open content, which means anyone can copy it for any purpose, as long as they follow certain rules. Anyone can change the pages in Wikipedia, or even make new ones. Wikipedia has a standard format that must apply for all pages in the encyclopedia.Wikipedia had about 9.25 million pages in 253 languages, and more than 1.74 billion words across all Wikipedias.
River Island is one of Britain's best known high street fashion brands and can be found in most cities across the UK. It's online website riverisland.com is an online store to buy their products. It is then ordered, when recieved at your house it is as if you bought it from the store, only you didn't leave the house. Google is one of the biggest and most famous search engines on the World Wide Web. They also do other things than searching. It is the most-used search engine on the web. Every day, 200 million people use it. With Google, people can also search for pictures, Usenet newsgroups, news, and things to buy online. By June 2004, Google had 4.28 billion web pages on its database, 880 million (880 000 000) pictures and 845 million (845 000 000) Usenet messages — six billion things.

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