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Product presentation for Marketing and Customer Service.

Eilish MacDonald

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Certy

Opportunities Promotion Plan Market Analysis Business
Analysis Product Concept Certy is the first online resource of its kind, and that means:
- No competitors
- Large potential customer base
- Large market to appeal to
- Unaffected by political climate Strengths Because Certy is online it is:
- Easy to operate and train staff
- Low costs, high profitability (opportunity for additional revenue from online ads)
- Easily and cheaply provides quality products and customer service Certy Beyond all the regular medians of advertisment, commercials, billboards, etc... it would also be possible to put advertisement in outdoor stores, such as Algonquin Outfitters or MEC, to achieve a greater audience of outdoor enthusiasts. Promo Mix Instructor/Guides/Students like Geoff Budreo! Who would use Certy? The market for Certy has large potential, and it’s the first of its kind. Guides, Instructors, and Companies who wish to diversify their clientele will come to Certy for easy advertising. Potential students and outdoor enthusiasts will come for the convenience of having all their resources in one place. Certy's Opportunity Certy Connects... Marketing Plan Certy is an online database of certification seminars that will
allow connection between outdoor enthusiasts and certified professionals. What is Certy? Certy's Goals Guides Instructors Major
Bodies Small
Bodies Outdoor
Enthusiasts People looking to learn more about outdoor recreation. Certy can accommodate hobbyists wanting to learn the basics to well experienced enthusiasts looking for further training. Guides can look for more or to further their skills through Certy’s vast and versatile database. Instructors looking to holding local seminars can use Certy to more effectively advertise to the community. Certy allows access to all the schedules and locations of seminars being held by Major Certifying Bodies across their country and around the world. More localized Certifying Bodies can show their seminars on Certy, allowing people looking for specific skills to not need to travel far form home. Use Certy to Find... - Instructors

- Classes

- Students ....in your local area or across the world! Place Due to the nature of Certy, which can also be viewed as a service, it will be distributed through direct sale. Its’ global reach will allow it to reach as much of the market as possible, within the outdoor recreation sector. Product Although Certy will be an online database; its product is really the advertising it offers to Instructors and Certifying Bodies. Certy will offer premium content, such as the ability to have seminars listed first on the database, to individuals and companies for an added price. Price Certy’s advertising will use a combination of a flat rate and a CPC (cost per click). An advertiser will be charged $5 per advertisement, as well as a CPC of $0.01, there will be added costs for upgrades such as ‘featured ads’. Certy will also have general advertising; the price will be bartered upon by the individual company and will normally range from $10-100. Weaknesses Due to being an online company Certy is also:
- Restricted to computer
- Added costs in time and money to advertise outside
- Harder to establish a reputation outside Threats Due to Certy being the only of it’s kind currently this also means:
- No technology in place to create website
- No current customer base Brand Strategy The image that Certy is aiming for is an “official” air. Certy wishes to appear legitimate and trustworthy, through strong fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial. Certy wishes to appeal to all certifying bodies by appearing official and reliable using a simple design that is easy to follow. Overview Product Concept
-Product Summary
-Mission Statement
-Plan and Objectives
Market Analysis
-Product Overview
-Market Placement
-Price Strategy
Business Analysis
-Market Overview
-Strengths and Weaknesses
-Opportunities and Threats
Promotion Plan
-Brand Strategy
-Promo Mix
-New Media, CRM, and Sponsorship Strategy
-Advertiesment samples New Media: Certy's main new media strategy will be through online advertisements. Through advertising on specific websites such as Paddle Canada or MEC, Certy will receive the majority of it's customers looking for outdoor certifications. CRM: Having a neat, organized and appealing image for our website we create a comfortable environment for clients to browse and post effectively. With minimal costs for our guide clientele to advertise themselves and a high traffic rate of site visitors we can create a trusting relationship with guides hoping to attract many Sponsorship: - Government Park Relationships: By establishing a business relationship with government parks, such as national provincial/state, conservations etc. a sponsorship strategy can be formed.
- Pro-deals: Like any standard pro-deal scenario we can offer exposure and advertisements for companies that will offer discounts or services to our clients. Certy values the opportunity for people to learn, and access as much information about the outdoors and recreation as they can. The ultimate goal for our company is to become as popular as something like trip advisor, in providing information and convenience to customers.
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