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figurative language!

No description

yarima valentin

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of figurative language!

A TEAM...By: Ed Sheeran Figurative language style "And we're just under the upper hand" "But lately her face seems slowly sinking " "Crumbling like pastries" "And in a pipe she flies to the motherland" "Breathing in snowflakes" "under the upper hand"doesn't literally that he is under the upper hand it just means that he is not in a position of control. There is an occurrence of the same letter (S) at the beginning of closely connected words. He is comparing the pipe to smoking, he is comparing her flying to escaping and the motherland is being compared to her safe haven. IDIOM ALLITERATION SIMILE He is comparing (uses like) the woman's life falling apart, like pastries crumbling. It is snowing outside but obviously the woman is not breathing in snowflakes , He is exaggerating the weather. METAPHOR HYPERBOLE Yarima Valentin 1st period
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