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No description

li-en yen

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of restaurant

World trend Drive and Go
Take away
Low no and less (low calories)
Cultural food Popular trends Economical –
More efficient, employment potential, more profitable
Geographical –
Less space, artificial substances, scarcity
Health –
Obesity, diabetes, malnutrition, other diseases Drive and go/take away Reasons Economical –
More jobs/employment potential, sustainable, breakeven profit.
Geographical –
Less land degradation, more organic, seasonal
Health –
Nutrients, avoid diseases Low no and less/farm-friendly Economical –
More profitable, less employment potential, expensive, formal
Geographical –
Large space, industrial area, more organic
Health –
Avoid diseases, more sanitary, sustainable Fancy Economical –
More profitable, less competition, employment potential
Geographical –
Raw materials, more soil degradation, artificial substances, scarcity
Health –
Obesity, blood pressure Cultural foods (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Horeca European Market HoReCa is a business term which refers to a sector of the food service industry, to establishments which prepare and serve food and beverages. What is HoReCa? The horeca sector is a small, dynamic sector of the Dutch economy.
It is a vulnerable sector.
Nearly 90% of companies are small and employ less than 10 employees.
Many young employees seem not very enthusiastic to remain working in the sector. Facts The sector has shrunken since 2009 with 30.000 jobs.

The shortage of personnel.

Youngsters are encouraged to gain interest in the sector. Significant shifts within the last four years affecting the Hotels and Restaurants sector Horeca total Sales growth per year (in%), total and by sector Hospitality food and drink industry plays an important role in helping to achieve the objectives of the EU 2020 Strategy of smart Introduction The number one manufacturing industry in the EU
A highly diversified industry
274,000 European food and drink companies produce a vast range of foods, satisfying the wide range of evolving needs of Europe’s 500 million consumers every day. Maintaining the EU as world number one
in foodstuffs exports A leading employer across
the European Union By: Sara Rahimi, Nathalie Verkoijen, Anastasia Fila, Shireli Nurmemet, Dominik Hehl and Ryan Yen Top 5 Brands Offer every guest at any time the best quality and a varied choices. Be a part of that society, involved in our environment. Think global, act local. McDonald's QUALITY



VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY McDonald's Philosophy To innovate and building up our existing brands as well as bringing new brands to the marketplace. 

Corporate with communities we touch, and the environment on which we have an impact.
-- Sustainable living plan. Unilever La place eventcatering La place.nl La place Express La place Food La place Cafe La place Restaurant Formulas of La Place  4.500 employee
Revenue 365 million €
In 2010 28 million€ profit NS Stations Retailbedrijf (Servex) Rituals
OLA Happiness Station AH to go
Burger King
La Place Express
Paperchase 832 AH-Filialen
 200 in Franchise
32,8 % of dutch market
4 different store types (Albert Heijn XL, Albert Heijn to go, wijkwinkel, Albert)
Revenue € 30.27 billion (2012)
Profit€1.01 billion (2012) Albert Heijn Market Indicators Thank You. Bibliography world trend:


European Market:

Top 5 brands:
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