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Food Tech Introductory

No description

Amy Stooksbury

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Food Tech Introductory

Food Tech Introductory
We have made . . .
In Food Tech we have made . . .
Rock Cakes (yuuuuuuuummmmy)
And Finally . . .
Mini Fruit Cakes (Which I forgot my ingredients for but helped people out with theirs)
Tools that we used . . .
The Skills that I have used
How have I helped others?
I have helped my group by drying the washed dishes that we used when we were cooking.
I also helped the class by sticking in their pictures of their soup for them.

I helped people to decorate their mini - fruit cakes.
Some of the skills that I used and learned:
Safe oven skills
Weighing and measuring
Rubbing in techniques
Control of the amount of liquid you are pouring in
forming and shaping dough in a uniform manner
Vegetable preparation/knife skills e.g slicing and dicing
Safe use of the hob
Dividing equally between cake cases
However . . .
When we made soup we didn't use blender skills.
My Favorite food that I made were the rock cakes where I used Safe oven skills when I put it them in the oven, rubbing in and controlling the amount of liquid i put in so I got just the right amount.
My Favorite . . .
We used lots of tools all for different reasons:
Dinner knife - For cutting/mixing in liquids
Plastic spoon - For stirring hot things because plastic is not a conductor of heat
Peelers - For peeling the skins off vegetables
Sieve - For getting the lumps out
of flour and sugar etc.
There are lots more that we have used!
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