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Waves Carry Energy

Basic information on waves: what they do, how they are made and how we use them.

Joshua Boyd

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Waves Carry Energy

a Topic
Thank you for your attention!
And one more thing...
is here
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3
Subject 3

Light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The region that we can see is a very small portion.
Light coming from sources like light bulbs, candles, or the sun are considered white light.

White light is not one of the frequencies of light: it is all of the frequencies of light.
White is not a color.

A prism may be used to demonstrate this.
Isaac Newton documented this in his work “Optiks”
White light incident upon a piece of paper gave rise to the spectrum (Latin: specere = “to see”)
This was proven by re-routing the spectrum through a second prism and observing white light on the other side
When white light (containing all frequencies) shines on an object some of its light usually reflects
if all frequencies reflect, we call that situation white
if none of the frequencies reflect we call that situation black.
Thus black and white are not true colors
If only specific frequencies reflect we see various colors!!!
Objects are made out of molecules, Molecules absorb specific frequencies and reflect others.
If white light is incident upon an object that absorbs all frequencies except green, only green will be reflected

Rough situation: choose your outfit in light that is not the same that you will be in for the rest of the day…Why?

Color by reflection: a material absorbs light of certain frequencies and reflects the rest

Color by transmission: material absorbs certain frequencies (pigment) and allows others through
What are primary colors?
-Colors that cannot be produced by mixing any other colors together
-Colors that when mixed can produce any other color
Did you know there are two sets of primary colors
When two colors can be added to produce white they are known as complimentary colors
This is due to the way that our eyes perceive frequencies of light (Cones on the retina)

Subtractive primary colors

Mixing paint/ colored pigments
White light incident upon the pigments is reduced to allow only certain wavelengths to reflect
Why is the sky blue?
Additive Primary colors
Mixing light
In physics/printing the primary colors are
We are used to
blue + yellow= green
red + blue = purple
red + yellow = orange
very small indeed!
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