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No description

woo seung ryong

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of welcome

Welcome I'm mr.T
Lush Korea CMO " You can put
lipstick on a
pig but it's
still pig " Show me Who you are This is only the beginning &
You haven't seen anyting
about LUSH using
3-step process step 1
kmow about
lush korea step 2
make your
in lush korea step 3
Let people know who you are.
At all times! However, we value your heart the most.
We don't serve you as any ordinary company: we care. And we share heart.
in making effective products from
fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables,
the finest essential oils
and safe synthetics.
in happy people
making happy soap
our products are good value,
that we should make a profit and
that the customer is always right We belive We belive We belive What is a 'Happy Company'?
The answer is yours to figure out. Communication Behavior Symbols one more thing... Your passion What's you story? THE END We are LUSH KOREA
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