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Test Anxiety

No description

Alyssa Salcedo

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety
Imagine, you are sitting at a desk taking a test. You start to get nervous, your hands start to shake, your vision gets blurry, your mind goes blank, you freeze. Test Anxiety can happen to anyone, if you are Anxious for a big test, or if you feel you haven't studied enough, ect. I sometimes get really nervous with tests, so I thought if I learn about test anxiety it might help me deal with my test anxiety and it might help others too. This prezi consists of many facts about test anxiety and how to deal with it.
what part of the brain causes test anxiety?
The brain is part of the reason people get anxiety. Anxiety is even in your DNA! It can be cured with the right treatment. Your brain is connected to little chemicals that tell your brain what you are feeling, some detect anxiety, these little chemicals are called neurotransmitters
"Many neurotransmitters have been linked to anxiety, including:

if your brain doesn't have enough of one of these chemicals like say your brain doesn't have enough serotonin it may cause you to experience anxiety"
How do I deal with test anxiety?
Don't believe the rumors people tell you about the test (half the time they are lies to make the other person look better)
You should remember to study the material that will be on the test, and the material you don't know very well.
Give your self plenty of time to study, create a plan to help you study the material until the day of the test. (its not good to cram for an exam, this can make you more nervous)
If you are unfamiliar with the test you are taking learning about the test may help you deal with it. Learn things about you test like:
how many questions are on the test?
is it multiple choice or short answer?
how much time do you have to take the test?
by: Alyssa Salcedo
period: 9
date: 12/1/2013
miss kim
What is Test Anxiety?
Test Anxiety is a reaction to stimuli that has to do with past experience with tests. There are many symptoms people go through when they are anxious about a test or exam
Test anxiety may be easy to control at first but later on it may start to worsen
During tests people may start to worry because of poor study habits
test anxiety is the same for men and women, women might be more stressed out than men will be to take exams. (this does not mean guys are smarter than girls)
it is hard to control your anxiety but its not impossible
when you have test anxiety you may experience physical symptoms that are caused by nerves
What different parts is anxiety disorder divided into?
One part of Anxiety is emotional: nervous or racing thoughts, worrying about what people have said, difficulty concentrating, ect. The other part is the symptoms people go through when they have anxiety, some physical symptoms are: panic attacks, racing heart beat, nausea, faintness, sweating, head ache, dry mouth, increased breathing rate, ect. Some people get worried or anxious but don't experience any physical symptoms. Physical symptoms use more the right side of your brain, mental symptoms use the left.
how do you deal with negative thoughts?
One way to deal with negative thoughts is, not to ignore them, but to say what can be done about
them. One example is: "I don't understand this at all!"
you would make a solution, "I have to study more on this topic so I understand it better" also if you have negative thoughts write them down to figure out solutions for them
(I got These tips from http://www.ets.org/s/praxis/pdf/reducing_test_anxiety.pdf)
Are There different levels of test Anxiety?
There are no levels of test anxiety, but it does escalate. You may start to experience symptoms and they may seem small but they will start to worsen (especially if you keep negative thoughts in your head). Also people have different experiences with tests, If you had a few bad experiences with tests you may be more nervous to take a big exam or test than a person who hasn't had many bad experiences with tests or exams. One thing I find my self saying is "If I don't pass this test this will happen..." and "If I don't get a good grade on this I'm finished" I had to learn how to work passed that to do better.
I hope this helped you get a better understanding of test anxiety. This presentation helped me learn the reasons I get nervous before a test and has helped me deal with that. While making this presentation I learned it is normal to feel a bit stressed and that I am not the only person who may be stressed. this has helped me cope with test anxiety and now when I take a test I feel less nervous.
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My story
I had to take a test that was extremely important, it could either make or break my grade in the class. I studied nonstop for weeks, I knew the material, I did all the study worksheets, I studied with my parents. I knew all the information, but i was still very nervous. When ever I thought about the test I felt sick. I walked in the class room and the teacher started to hand out the test. When I was about half way through my hands started to shake and my mind went blank, I was so nervous it got to the point that I started crying, The teacher noticed and pulled me out of the room. I was given time to work on the test later and I ended up getting a good grade, but I learned my lesson. If I feel nervous for a test I have to work though it and i cant let it get to me like it did that day.
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