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No description

Marlon Creswell

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Presentation

Free Municipal Wi-Fi
For Richmond

Free Municipal Wi-Fi in the City of Richmond
Financial Team Data
We aim to fund this project with the use of bonds and a sales tax. With bonds, we can get the necessary startup funds in a short amount of time.
Legal Team Data
Infrastructure Legal or Not?

We plan on contacting PG&E and devlope an agreement
(or contract) that will define the terms, rules, and regulations in order to install the routers on the telephone poles.
Infrastructure Data

Internet Providers Concerns
Bonds and Sales taxes for quick start up funds
The free Wi-Fi project should not have any negative effects on telecom carriers because typically Wi-Fi is accessed through mobile devices procured through telecom carriers. People have to buy devices with the ability to access Wi-Fi. Also where there is no Wi-Fi in a area other than Richmond people will have to use cellular services.
Brought to you by ITA's period 3
CSM 2 Class
Contact info
: presentation.group.3rdperiod@gmail.com
: (510)231-1440
: 5000 Valley View Rd, El Sobrante, CA 94803

Set up Proxy Server to Blocks hackers/Illegal usage of the Wi-Fi
Add a “Accept Terms” services to limit usage of Wi-Fi among the citizens of Richmond

Total Estimated Cost:
Switches: $725,305
Routers: $20,539
Access Point: $62,230
$70 each
300 mbp/s speeds
Covers a radius of 200 feet
We will need 889 access points
Access Points
CISCO 1900Multi Service Router
$1,081.20 each
1000Mbps speed
MS320-48 CISCO
$39,595 each
$752,305 if purchased
$125,000 every five years, if licensed.
We need 19 switches
* We need a total of 889 Access Points, 19 Routers, and 19 switches.
1000ft per box
$159 per box
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