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Sports Medicine Physician

No description

Liam Dennison

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Sports Medicine Physician

Course of Action
My course of action to make sure I am accepted into a university or college that offers the courses I am looking for is to take many varieties of mathematics and sciences throughout high school. To get into any sports medicine classes in university courses like biology and chemistry along with calculus and trigonometry are required to even begin to think about starting university level courses.
Good University to Attend for Sports Medicine Training
University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
Sports Medicine Physician
Job Description
- A basic job description of a sports medicine physician is to diagnose, treat, and help prevent injuries that occur during or are related to sporting events, athletic training, and physical activities.
1. http://www.livescience.com/34571-lake-ontario.htm

Thank you!
University of
The University of Michigan is a very good school in the study of movement science, athletic training, physical education and sports management but is also a very good school to attend to become a sports medicine Physician. The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, MI and was established in 1817. The costs to attend University of Michigan include- tuition $41,906, housing costs $10,246, books and supplies $1,048, and personal and miscellaneous $2,204 for a grand total of $55,404.
University of Pittsburgh
Stanford University
The University of Pittsburgh is a very well know school for the study of health and rehabilitation sciences that emphasizes on research and services for people with disabilities and much like the University of Michigan is a very good school to attend in becoming a sports medicine physician. The University of Pittsburgh is located in Pittsburgh, PA and was established in 1787. The cost to attend the University of Pittsburgh include- tuition $14,836, room and board $3,245, meal plan $2,245, and a $90 student parking fee for a grand total of $20,416.
Stanford University
Stanford University is very well know for its Human Performance Laboratory that conducts interdisciplinary research which provides care for Stanford's community members and athletes, making Stanford an ideal university for students to learn how to become a sports medicine physician. Stanford University is located in Stanford, CA and was established in 1891. Some of the costs that go along with attending Stanford include- tuition $16,905, room and board $14,920, food $7,260, and books and supplies $1,960 for a grand total of $41,045.
Years of Study Required
- 4 years in University to receive a bachelors degree
- 4 years in medical school
- 3-5 year years of residency
- 1-3 year fellowship for sports medicine
On average it will take the around 11-15 years to become a sports medicine physician.
Stay or Go?
One of benefits of being a sports medicine physician is that wherever the athletes are, there is potential work available. I would be happy to stay in Ottawa to practice sports medicine but wouldn't mind moving away from home if the opportunity arose. More and more professional sports teams are hiring sports medicine physicians as a way to help treat injured players so this could be a possible way I would have to move to be involved with sports medicine. Overall to be a sports medicine physician you could stay at home or move a way and still be able to find work it would depend on the person, but for me I would be happy either or.
Salary Range
- On average a sports medicine physician works around 33 hours per week.
- The average hourly wage for a sports medicine physician is about $114.
- The average annual salary for a sports medicine physician starts at about $41,000 and can reach $244,000 over time.
Available Work
Why I'm Interested...
The first reason I am interested in sports medicine is because I am very interested in the human body and how it functions relating to sports. I think since being an an athlete this is what has created this strong interest I have for the human body. The second reason I am interested in sports medicine is because of the injuries I myself have sustained through playing sports. I find it fascinating to understand how to treat injuries of this nature and even what could have been done to prevented them. I almost look at each different case or injury as a mystery that needs solving. The third and last reason sports medicine is interesting to me is because I would get the opportunity to work with different athletes from many different sports and if hockey wasn't to work out this could be a way I could stay close to hockey but also just sports in general.
Personal Trainer
Personal training is another career that interests me. A personal trainer helps clients achieve their fitness and health goals through motivating and educating them. The average salary for a personal trainer is anywhere between $30,000-$85,000 a year. The main reason personal training interests me is because it is a very active job as apposed to seat work all day long. Also, I love the physical side of training and is why this career interests me.
Being a sports medicine physician is a very good job in the sense of finding work is not too difficult but soon to come this will change. This will change because of the fact there is more demand for sports medicine physicians. The result of this new strong demand for sports medicine physician has caused the projected growth of this field to be 18% from 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than most fields of work. One factor that is creating the growing demand for sports medicine physicians is the growing and aging population. Some medical schools are even increasing their enrollments to keep up with this new demand for sports medicine physicians. Although now maybe an easier time for sports medicine physicians the future will bring a much more competitive market for this field of work.
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