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Sugar cookies vs Chocolate Chip

No description

Steven Headlee

on 6 July 2018

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Transcript of Sugar cookies vs Chocolate Chip

Sugar cookie Vs. Chocolate chip Cookie
What is the difference between the ingrediants in the two cookies?
Whereas a sugar cookie
Common Mistakes made between the two popular cookies.
Some people think that a chocolate chip cookie is a sugar cookie with chocolate in it.
Some think that both cookies share the same ingredients.
Most people think that the "Sugar" cookie has more sugar than the Chocolate chipped cookie, but without icing it actually has less sugar.
Most people think that the Chocolate chip cookie came before the sugar cookie, but the sugar was invented in the 17th Century whereas the chocolate chip was invented during the 20th.
The choclate chip cookie has more sugar, they have the Famous chocolate chip, and have butter.
Lacks most of the ingrediants used in the chocolate chip cookie, like butter and chocolate chips. It also uses only one type of sugar, where the chocolate chip uses two kinds. Sugar cookies may also use a Soy based sugar rather than the popular sugar, making the the healthier choice for being less fattening, and less having less sugar.
Physical differences?
the sugar cookie doesnt have chocolate chips embedded onto the surface, it also has a fluffy texture rather than the crunchiness of the chocolate chip. usually have a smooth surface without many cracks.
The Chocolate chip cookie has chocolate chips and are usually very crunchy and have a cracked surface.
What cookie is the better cookie?
The better choice would be the sugar cookie, because it can use a soybean alternative, and it doesnt use the extra sugar types or choclate chips that add extra calories. Making the sugar cookie a healthier alternative to chocolate chips.
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