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Pollution in Southwest Detroit

Ms.Vanauken's class

Moncerrat Llamas

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Pollution in Southwest Detroit

Moncerrat Llamas & Gricelda Contreras Pollution in Southwest
Detroit Michigan Radio Global Community Monitor The Detroit News The Sierra Club did a report about pollution around Southwest Detroit and the report detailed toxic emissions from six major sources in and around Detroit - five which are clustered in the downriver area. Detroit Free Press Rhonda Anderson, Sierra club organizer, says that the effects of pollution are substantial there. "It's having a detrimental impact on the residents in the form of cancers, asthma, heart disease, all kinds of things," she said. University of Michigan did a study and found out that southwest Detroit zip code,48217, is the states most polluted- and among the worst in the nation. The Sierra Club's assessment notes that Michigan's most polluting industries are "located in communities principally of people of color." They report states,"These communities tend to beat overwhelmingly low socioeconomic thresholds, and are without legal recourse of resources with which to defend themselves or improve their domestic situations." Global Community Monitor tested the air of polluted zip codes in Detroit and they revealed levels of methyl, ethyl ketone, and oil refinery pollutants that can irritate the lungs and affect the nervous system. Paul Monai,one of the professors who did the study, said, "There are minimum requirements in Michigan for how far away from homes and schools industries must be." The Sierra Club report points to heavy manufacturing and industrial hubs in and around Detroit as areas with public health concerns. " We cannot plan for the future of Detroit without addressing the significant health impacts that residents are suffering with today while living in the midst of polluting industries," said Rhonda Anderson, Sierra Club's Environmental Justice organizing representative.
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