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Social Media in Student Affairs

Staff Development presentation for BSU Student Affairs, 1/27/2011

LTE Consulting, Inc.

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Social Media in Student Affairs

Social Media and Student Affairs
Presented by: Ed Cabellon
BSU Student Affairs Staff Development
Learning Outcomes:
• Current and future trends in Social Media in Higher Education, Student Affairs
• How to teach students about creating their “digital identity/brand” and implications of their “digital footprint”
• How to manage the online conversation into real life meetings and action.
Cleaning Up/Managing Your Digital Identity
"Google" yourself. What pictures, videos, links show up? Is it accurate? Usehttp://www.onlineidcalculator.comto get a full perspective.
Would you be comfortable showing your top job prospect your Facebook account? If not, take out anything that you wouldn't want them to see.
Set up Google Alerts with your name.
Remove "tagging" priveldges from Places and Photos in Facebook.
Create and manage a LinkedIn account as a home for your professional accomplishments and history and to connect with prospective employers.
Purchase your own name's URL to create a place where you can share your thoughts and begin creating your home on the web.

Social Media Management
Doing it alone is not an option
Spend 30 minutes at a time in the space
Set up a Google Alert for your "keywords"
Spend more time in backchannels and conversations with others.
Schedule posts, tweets, etc. for Web 1.0 content. (e.g. Tweetdeck, Co-Tweet, Hootsuite.)
Make it a goal to connect in-person with those you connect with online.

Follow the conversation at #saBSU
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