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The English Monarchy

Fairytale or tragedy?

Antonia Sophie

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of The English Monarchy

English Monarchy
Fairytale or Tragedy?
The royal history of England
The duties and responsibilities
of the British monarch
In earlier times:
- leader of the country
- rights: <<everything>>

-> Bill of Rights 1689:
parliament stands
over the King
- Parliament stands over the
- the monarch has to follow the
advices of the government

- main function: represents
the state
The development of the duties and responsibilities
Fairytale or Tragedy ?
- example: King Henry VIII.
-> lost his untrammeled influence

- does not influence the voters opinion
about political parties
- the monarch lost a big part of his

- the Queen is not allowed to express
her political minds
The Social Life of Queen and Princess, King and Prince
Example: A working day of the Queen
- starts at her desk
-> 200-300 letters
- political information
- audiences

- private lunch with Prince Philip
- royal engagements
- Tea Time in public or private
- meetings with the government Ministers
- once a week: meeting with the
Prime Minister
- report of the government
- film premiers, official receptions,
horse races
- red box
Educated for being a monarch
- faced by the media all the time
- you do not have normal friends

George VI. and Edward VIII. :
- punished by their nanny
- uniforms at dinner
- no word of encouragement
Queen Elisabeth II. :
- no contact to other children

Fairytale or Tragedy?
- negative side of the monarchy
- strict rules
- no longer a <<normal>> life
- why is less contact to others helpful?
-> Tragedy
The rule of marriage
What was the rule of marriage ?

prohibits the marriage with a divorced partner
King Edward VIII. and Wallis Simpson

- King Edward VIII. : heir to the throne after George V.
- in love with the divorced Wallis Simpson
-> resigned
- His brother, George VI. followed
Fairytale or Tragedy?
- It is prohibited to marry the person you
-> Tragedy
- He resigned for the woman he loves
-> Fairytale
The Tragedy of Diana, Princess of Wales
- <<Wedding of the century>> in 1981
Diana Spencer & Prince Charles
- a real dram marriage
- Camilla Parker Bowels
-> NOT a real dream marriage
- the tragedy starts:
- lost in her life as a princess
- constant attention of the media
- problems with Prince Charles
-> anorexia, affair

- better life for the <<Queen of hearts>> ?
- 15 years later : divorced
-> became political engaged, blossomed out

- the tragedy continues:
- dies after a car crash in 1997
Tragedy, because...
- the tragical story of her life
- the royal family pretends that
everything is good (e.g. marriage)
Prince William and Catherine Middleton
- a chance to see how it works in the royal family
- engagement ring from his mother
- marriage in the Westminster-Abbey
- 2 billion of audiences
- Baby :)
Fairytale or Tragedy ?
- dream-marriage
- hopefully a more modern couple

-> Fairytale
-> is there a negative side?
What do YOU think ?
Fairytale or Tragedy ?
What the public thinks
about the monarchy
Fairytale = Yes monarchy
Tragedy = No monarchy
- representative for the nation and the Commonwealth
- diplomatic function
- high impact on tourists
- support of charity organizations
- characterizes the United Kingdom

80% of the population would retain
- backward and prejudiced
- useless
- against the democracy
- to expensive !
- expensive
- useless?
- tragical facts
in the history

- fairytale aspects in the history
- we need a bit of fairytale
-> symbol

-> Fairytale
My personal opinion
The Normans

- hundred year war
- Black death
- King John signed the Magna Carta->first step to a constitutional monarchy
The Stuarts
-Union of Scotland and England under
James VI.
- Union Flag
- the parliament was dissolved by King
-1642: Civil war
- arrival of tea in England
The Tudors
- 118-years-enduring reign
- Welsh-English family
- Elisabeth I. vs. Maria Stuart
Georgian Britain
- George Hanover succeeded Queen Anne
- first Prime Minister: Sir Robert Walpole
- Industrial Revolution
- Battle of Waterloo in 1825

The Victorians
- from 1837 to 1901
- 64-years enduring reign of Queen Victoria:
- Britain: most rich and powerful country
- pipe water, gas and electricity
- number of inhabitants doubled
The Windsor Dynasty
- King Edward VII. resigned
-> George VII. : the bumbler
- Queen Elisabeth II.
England is mainly ruled by a monarch
- about 50 kings and queens
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