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Copy of Never let you go

Opening Keynote -- CALICO 2011, University of Victoria, BC Canada May, 19th 2011

Bryan Smith

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Never let you go

Colloquium VI: Eye-tracking for SLA Research: Applications, Outcomes, and
Methodological Considerations
Organizers: Dr. Paula Winke and Dr. Susan Gass (Michigan State University) Infrared Lights (2) = $90.64
Creative Live! Web Cam = $27.25
Bike Helmt and small parts = $20.00
Lawsuits and Emergency room visits = TBD
Total = $137.89 (excluding laptop and monitor) Good morning CALICO 2011!

Never Let You Go:
The nexus between CALL & SLA theory theoretical approaches González-Lloret Hauck & Youngs 2008 Lai & Li demands on learners, teachers and researchers Hamel and Caws 2010 Chun 2008 Chun & Payne 2004 Payne & Whitney 2002 Colpaert 2004 Sauro 2011 $1,495.00
Yikes! METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGES Jeff K. Demands on TEACHERS Demands on researchers Negotiated interaction M.-N. Lamy 2011 WOW! Shaping SLA theory CAUTION Awesome!
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