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JJ's Assessment Presentation (pt 1 Background)

Psych Report

Janette Jones

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of JJ's Assessment Presentation (pt 1 Background)

Reason: difficulties in academics CA 10 yr/4th grader. Referred by SLP Hearing & following directions,
low comprehension (inferences)...
depressed math scores due
2 reading word probs lack indep lvl w/ word probs,
potential 2 progress w/ increasing rigor
concept words in areas
of math & speech screening. Positive but insufficient.
SLP referred 4 possible SLD or OHI? Wisc=VCI 91 Avg--PRI 84 LA
WMI 88 LA--PSI 78 Border(7%) FS 81 LA (10%) CTONI given 2 substantiate Wisc because VCI was not unitary (Similarities 11 & Comprehension 6). Ctoni cog Ability= same range as WISC, Blw Avg Concerns/Weaknesses: Concerns continued.... Interventions: placed in math differentiation
(smaller class, smaller student/teacher ratio)

private tutoring 2 week Educ History:
Did good in K-2,
struggle showed in 2, 3-4th
(out of 1-4, he had lots of 2's= "approaching grade lvl") Consistent issues:

(2's in Eng-Lang & Math)
read prax (vocab & decode skills),
+ & - facts, count coins, tell time,
math concepts, computations. SLP screen- failed CELF (13 but 17 to pass)
considered 4 retaining but moved to 4th Strengths: wants to do well, rule follower, organized, asks 4 help, on task, supportive family, well-liked, loves trains; HOWEVER mom concerned about nervousness & anxiety. CA's Response 2 Interventions: Tests: low understanding of social & practical situations, low ability to problem-solve & interpret & organize visually perceived material, to perform cognitive tasks fluently & automatically under pressure. VMI= 103 Avg, applied separately=Weakness Vis Percep 84 14% & Motor Coord 80 9% Both B-Avg STAR: 2nd Eng/Lang Arts:288 (blw basic)
Math:298 (blw basic)
3rd Grade Eng/Lang Arts:296 (blw basic)
Math:340 (basic) The Meat *Micropreemie 1 lb, 26 oz @ 26 wks, Apgar=0 on 1-10 *dx=Stage 3 ROP=Retinopathy of Prematurity (abnormal bld vess & scar tiss grow over retina) growth of his retinal vessels was severely abnormal-leads to long-term vision problems *NICU 3 mo = Supp Oxygen 6 mo, Apnea Monitor 5 mo, Ventilator 6 wk Medically Vulnerable Infant Program
dx=Delayed Speech, treated by Reg Ctr from
18 mo Ctopp=Phono Memory 97 Avg, Rapid Naming 97 Avg, Phono Awareness 76 Poor 5% (incl Elision ss 5 2%) Phono Awareness speaks 2 poor awareness of/access to the phono structure of oral lang Acad Achievement test done by R.S. reveals borderline skills in math & avg acad skills in reading & written language Basc-P: clin sig in withdrawal and at-risk in anxiety. Basc-T: indicates low energy & moves slow.

CDI: worries about aches and pains, indicates feels alone many times, tires easily, has to push himself all the time to do his schoolwork.

Sentence Comp: indicates struggles w/ math. Social Emotional= VCI= Verbal Comp, PRI= Perceptual Reasoning, WMI= Working Mem, PSI= Proc Speed
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