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Elements of Design

No description

Yocelyne Gonzalez

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Design

Texture Examples Line Is the physical or 3-Dimensional shape of objects. Form Texture has to do with the way an object feels or looks as though it would feel. Texture Bubbly Smooth Vertical lines suggest height and make objects seem taller. Horizontal lines move straight across and seem to widen objects. Diagonal lines Lines that communicate different levels of activity to high-level energy. Curved lines can take a free-form shape and range from slightly curvy to very curvy. Color Is an effect caused by the reflection of light. Color gives us the power in design to manipulate it in a way that works for us. It gives us the ability to make a room come to life. Value Refers to the different types of tints and shades of an object or area. Space Particular area for a specific purpose Elements of Design Interior Design
Yocelyne Gonzalez
May 23, 2013
Ms.Nuñez Period : 6
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