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Jiyeh Power Station Oil Spills

No description

Nehaal Khurram

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Jiyeh Power Station Oil Spills

What Is It
The Jiyeh Power Station oil spill is an environmental disaster caused by the release of heavy fuel oil into the eastern Mediterranean after storage tanks at the thermal power station in Jiyeh, Lebanon, 30 km (19 mi) south of Beirut, were bombed by the Israeli Air force on July 14 and July 15, 2006 during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. The plant's damaged tanks leaked 20,000 to 30,000 tonnes of oil into the eastern Mediterranean Sea,
After effects
A10km wide oil slick covered 170 km of coastline and endangered sea turtles and increased the risk of cancer .
It also affected about 1/3 of lebanaons coastline.
Beaches and rocks were covered in sludge and continued damaging oils.
This was the first time that an oil spill happened outside of the sea.
The fire that the bombs caused kept burning for 10 days .
It is still affecting the environment and tourists on beaches.
Jiyeh Power Station Oil Spills
For the sixth time the UN General Assembly issued a resolution condemning Israel and asking it to provide immediate compensation for the oil spill it caused along the Lebanese coast during the July 2006 war.The resolution says that compensation should cover the expense of restoring the marine environment to its previous state and counteracting any damage to the environment caused by this attack.
The US then donated 5 million dollars to clean up the spill , after taking pity on the Lebannians
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