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Merchant Ship Crew

No description

David Carr

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Merchant Ship Crew

How many people are on Merchant Ships, what do they do and what factors can affect this? Type of Ship
What the ship does
Workload/Fatigue The type of ship can affect the amount of crew required, for example: certain ships may require more crew to manage additional equipment that is needed to operate the specific type of ship. Bulk Carriers
Container Ships
Passenger Liners
Bulk carriers are ships designed to transport "bulk goods" such as ores or grain across bodies of water.

The average amount of crew on a bulk carrier is 20-30. Container ships transport dry cargo in large containers on the deck of the ship.

The average amount of crew on a container ship is 15-24. Passenger Liners transport passengers from one seaport to another while providing leisure facilities on the journey.

The amount of crew on a passenger ship is usually equal to half the amount of passengers. Ferries are for transporting passengers across bodies of water like lakes and rivers.

They will usually have 12-18 crew members, depending on the size of the ferry and how many passengers it can take. Tanker ships are designed to transport liquid goods like chemicals, fuel and crude oil.

A tanker ship will have 15-30 crew members on average. Reefer ships are designed to transport perishable goods like fruit in refrigerated containment.

On average a reefer ship will have 15-25 crew members. Other types of ships such as cable layers, drillers, tugboats and dredges may have dedicated crew members to operate the technology required. Captain 1 -Chief Officer
1 -2nd Officer
1 -3rd Officer
1 -Boatswain
2 – 6-Able Seamen
0 – 2-Ord. Seamen
1 -Chief Engineer
1 -1st Asst. Engineer.
1 -2nd Asst. Engineer
1 – 2-3rd Asst. Engineer.
0 – 2-QMED/Jr. Engineer.
1 – 3- Oiler
0 – 3-Greaser/s
1 – 3-Entry-level 1-Chief Steward
1-Chief Cook
1-Steward's Assistant Deck Department Engineering Department Steward's Department Typical Crew on a Bulk Carrier A typical ship crew has a Captain of the ship and 3 Departments:

The Deck Department
The Engineering Department
The Steward's Department The Country, or Flag that a Ship is registered under can influence the amount of crew members aboard the ship, for instance, US registered officers can often demand higher pay, to get around this companies often register with a country that allows them to hire them for less.

Some countries demand that companies have higher safety requirements, since some companies cannot afford this, they register their ships somewhere else, where there are less safety requirements. Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Merchant Ship Crew Secret Text, shh...
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