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Home Automation Cost

No description

Mohamed Alsaegh

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Home Automation Cost

Home Automation

Lets first talk about how the system works !?
Project Details
Assuming that we are applying our system on ready houses (wiring and construction already done).

Devices being controlled are only ON/OFF devices.

Control process are being done wirelessly using RF technology.
Fixed Material Cost Per Product
Raspberry pi 110 $
Memory card class 10 8GB 30 $
Raspberry pi case 20 $
Power adapter 20 $
Interface board 30 $
Wireless RF transmitter "Tx" 50 $
Wireless RF receiver "Rx" + Relay 40 $
Average houses consists of :
2 × Bedroom :
Ceiling Fan, Air-Conditioner, Down lights, Spotlights,luxury lights
1 × Guest room :
Ceiling Fan, Air-Conditioner, florescent
3 × Bathroom :
xfan, Down lights
1 × Hall :
Ceiling Fan, Air-Conditioner, Spotlights, Down lights, luxury lights
1 × Kitchen :
Ceiling Fan, Air-Conditioner, Spotlights, Down lights, xfan
Tx Box
Power 220v 50Hz
Internal Circuit
Signals From The Controller
5V or 3.3 V
Raspberry Pi
Rx Box
Power 220v 50Hz
Devices connection
Relay or any 220 V interface circuit
Receiver Circuit
Any ON/OFF Device
Variable Material Cost Per Product
300 $
... etc
USB ports
I/O Ports
Fixed Material Cost Per Product 300 $
Wireless RF receiver "Rx" + Relay
× 25

Variable Material Cost Per Product for average homes --> "Worst Case"
25 devices 1 switch per device
Total Material Cost = 1300 $
1300 $ ~ 500 BD
Variable Material Cost Per Product
Depends on the house size

Number of devices to automate

Type of the devices to automate
* we assume that average house designs are similar or too close to this design.
it is a complete product with a plastic case and can connects with the customer’ system controller.

it is a wall-switch (standard size: 86 x 86 mm), including the switch panel, switch rocker board, circuit board and bottom case (the bottom case is a necessary part of wall-switch, not another case that is already fixed to the wall). The wall-switch has 3 types: 1 switch, 2 switches and 3 switches.

Product functions meet the requirements that the customer has described up to now.
Quotation for household wireless ON-OFF devices
1. The development cost for the circuit boards (control unit):
this cost includes 1 piece of sample used for wireless transceiver and 2 pieces of sample used for smart switch. The samples will be used for customer’s testing and confirmation.

2. The tooling costs for smart switches:
all the plastic and metal parts will be re-designed and their molds will be re-made.

3. The tooling costs for wireless transceiver: don’t need, we will seek a substitued case.
Development cost
Unit prices of product
Product description
Wireless transceiver
Smart switch
4200 USD.
2700 USD.
Fixed Material Cost Per Product 300 $
Variable Material Cost Per Product for average homes --> "Best Case"
25 devices / 3 switches = ~ 9
Wireless RF receiver "Rx" + Relay × 9

Total Material Cost = 705 $
705 $ ~ 270 BD
9 * 45 405 $
25*40 1000 $
= 25 devices
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