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Scenerio 2 yo

No description

Daniel Rodriguez

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Scenerio 2 yo

Scenario Sequence 2 INTRO Growing up eighteen year old Alexander wanted to become a very successful social worker just like his parents. Unfortunately on his tenth birthday both of his parents were killed in a car accident by a hit and run driver. Since then he has devoted his life to living on their legacy in the social worker field.
>:D He began going to college and looking for internships and eventually found one that required him to preform community service at a retirement home. From there on Alexander would need to take a lot of things into consideration. The Physical After he signed all the legal documentation he was assigned to a hispanic woman, Consuela Uribe Marquez. She was physically unable to do many activities so Alexander had to feed her, help her in and out of bed and so on. She also wouldn't speak to anyone After about five weeks she finally spoke to him and described her gratitude towards him. Since her daughters death she hasn't had a visitor.
:( The Emotional While taking care of Consuela he noticed that she was constantly arguing with the nurses and claimed that they were prejudice. Alexander did not want to believe that racism was occurring there, but one day when he witnessed an African American man fall outside and was ignored by the nurses he was assured of the racism. After helping the man he decided to talk to the nurses politely so he would not offend them but they all denied he accusations. then he talked to the owner who stated that he didn't see any form of racism. Alexander decided not to tell his professor of this because he feared it would anger the nurses and lead to the resident's punishments. The Circumstantial While walking into Consuela's room they saw a nurse sneakily walk out holding something. She quickly told them that she was cleaning and left. Noticing that her bed wasn't made they looked around and noticed they took a jewelry box . After finding the nurse with the box Alexander talked to the owner about the situation but the owner just threatened Alexander to look the other way in order to receive his community service hours. After thinking it over Alexander decided to listen to his morals and report the theft. Having the residents serve as witnesses they ended up winning the case. Conclusion After everything the owner and a lot of the staff were fired and a new owner was rehired. Alexander still frequently visits Consuela and is now a part time co-owner of the retirement home. He had over came many obstacles from physical things like feeding her to emotional problems like dealing with racism. The End
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