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Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover

No description

Feaven Gebrezgi

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover

Characters Cammie Morgan: (Main character) also known as the chameleon because she can blend in with other people. Topics Being Discussed Theme The theme is that you don't think about bad things that happened in the past, just move one and you will have a good life. Setting The settings are Gallagher academy and Mr.Solomons house. Overall Book Structure Point of view: 1st Person
Chapters:29 chapters
Pages:263 pages By:Feaven Gebrezgi Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover Author: Ally Carter Characters
Major Events
Overall Book Structure (point of view, genre, chapters, pages) Macey McHenry: A very famous girl because her parents are the senators for Ohio. Loves to dress up, and she is one of Bex, Liz, and Cammie's best friend. Joe Solomon: Everyone's favorite teacher. He is very serious about teaching the students. Bex: A girl who never does something that she can't finish. She is also very strong. Liz: A girl who is very smart and can find out anything. She knows when someone is watching, how to do things, etc. Major Events Beginning One day Cammie is spending her vacation at Macey's house and they get in a fight with spies. During the fight, someone cuts Macey's arm off and she got a new one. So, Macey's parents hired an agent to watch Macey. The agent's name is Abby Cameron, and surprisingly, that is Cammie's aunt. The next day, Mr. Solomon, took the class on a field trip to a place where the people running for vice president were making speeches. Macey's dad is running for vice president. Middle Then, Macey and Abby leave to go make a speech for her parents. The other person running for vice president , the Winters family, had a son named Preston who is Macey's age and they are enemies, but he likes Cammie. After the speeches, Macey family plus Abby leaves to go and make another speech somewhere else. Cammie, Liz and Bex sneak out of the school in disguises to where Macey was at to see if she is okay. Cammie sees Zach, a boy she knows and Zach notices Cammie too. Ending The teachers caught them so now Cammie can't leave the school again, Bex and Liz can only go on field trips and Macey can't leave the school either. Bex and Liz didn't know that so they just left to the football game. Cammie and Macey sneak out and then Cammie sees Zach. Macey disappears somewhere. The teachers thought that she was in Switzerland because her ticket to Switzerland is gone. But Cammie knows that she is at Mr.Solomon's house. When they find her they get into a fight with the same spies at the beginning. One of them stabbed Abby and then she went home. Similarities The similarities are that in both books have Cammie Morgan, Bex, and Mr.Solomon in them. Both books involve Gallagher academy as one of the settings. They are both in first person and they are both fiction books. Ending This book is really good! I encourage you to read this book because it is one of those books when there is a little bit of action and crime solving at the same time. This is one of the best books ever. I hope you read it.
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