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Me Talk Pretty One Day

No description

Ria Patel

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Me Talk Pretty One Day

Riya Patel
Me Talk Pretty One Day
Collection of essays by David Sedaris.
This book was published in 2000 and has been one of the best-selling non-fiction essay collections.
Compilation of comical essays taking readers through David Sedaris' life.
What is it?
Quick Summary
Each chapter was a story in itself, not related to other chapters.
Simplicity of the book -> The way he wrote and what he wrote
The wording was not extravagant
Made daily small actions into an interesting journey
Relates to readers of all types
Not in chronological order, instead the book focuses on different aspects of Sedaris' life
Both chapter 1 and 2 show David's realization that he didn't fit in.
Chapter 1: Initially introduces the author in his childhood. David was in 5th grade when he was recommended for speech therapy by his teachers for his lisp. The class didn't help his lisp at all but instead made David self-conscious about himself.
Chapter 2: David's father signed him up for music lessons with a midget. Reluctantly David tried playing the guitar, but he had no musical talent. His music life ended here.
Ch. 3: David and his father were opposites. Ever since he was a child, David avoided technological talk with his father. He gladly ignored him and had discussions with his mom about getting the perfect tan. David had interest in his mother's hobbies but boredom in his father's.
Ch. 4: Twelve stages of an artist. David was inspired by his sister to pursue an art career but failed. Author took readers through 12 stages of his art career, until he realized art was not for him.
Ch. 5: This chapter was dedicated to describing David's brother "The Rooster". Paul had a dirty mouth but he meant well. Despite his blatant honesty and no filter, Paul was a gentleman. This chapter gives an insight into David's childhood.
Ch. 6: This chapter went through all of the Sedaris family's pets. David recalls all his pets and his misfortunes he encountered while growing up with them. After their first dogs died they continued buying pets but they had no real sentimental value since each new pet was bought to replace an old one.
Ch. 7: Here David was offered a job as professor of a writing workshop. This was a nice job opportunity except that David had no experience in writing. He faked his professionalism throughout the semester and came up with busy-work for his students. In this part of his life, David learned about love and learned a valuable lesson in terms of teaching.
Ch. 8: The shortest and funniest chapter of the book about David's attempt to rid of a giant turd in toilet during a family party. At the end of the chapter David pondered what lesson had been learned and what it had to do with Easter.
Ch. 9: This chapter takes readers back to David's professional life. Here he is hired as a personal assistant by an obnoxious woman who is very stingy. The author takes readers through funny recollections of the work Valencia made him do. At the end of the chapter David switches jobs to become a mover in NYC.
Ch. 10: This chapter discussed David's difficulty understanding complex menus at restaurants. David hated eating out because all meals were spiced up and changed to appeal to the eye. Meals advertised as "traditional" were never even heard of before.
Timeline of David's life
* Bars go in chronological order by chapter*
After getting to know a person you realize how much more there is to them than you can see.
Family problems, misfit in society, drug addiction.
"Don't judge a book by its cover"
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