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BXM Connect Card, What is it?

BXM's Mobile Biz Cards

Drake LaDue

on 23 October 2017

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Transcript of BXM Connect Card, What is it?

Digital Business Cards What are they?
What is lt?
An interactive business card.
How does it work?
The card is embedded with a programmable NFC Chip. Anyone with an NFC ready mobile device can just touch the card and the information stored on the card/chip can now be accessed by the mobile device.
What about iPlatform and Non NFC Capable Mobile Devices?
BXM has addressed these issues by displaying a personalized:

QR Code
Text Code

So 99% of all web enabled mobile devices can connect!

What happens after the scan/text/touch?
A url will be displayed for the end user to tap.

Other available options:
Download a File/Contact Info
Launch a phone call
Start an application

You can Bookmark your connect card on your home screen for quick in the moment connections.

Why would you need this?
You're on the phone with a client/prospect, you can easily click the icon then send your connect card using any of your native sharing tools.
i.e. send via
Why is a connect card better than a printed card?

It's not static. We can build new designs based on events, 1 to 1 meetings or 1 to many presentations with meeting specific takeaways.
Speeds up the sales process. Never again will you have to wait to supply sales collateral or presentations. With a connect card you can literally perform your first face 2 face presentation when you first meet.

The possibilities are endless!
You can't do any of this with
a traditional printed card.

1 last advantage. It's green!
Voila, the person on the other end of the line now has your complete contact information and any presentation material you have included in your connect card.
They'll never lose your card again!
V-Card/Contact Info Down
Your pics and Live Social Feeds to help build your connections and relationships
1 Touch :
Social Connections
Contact Info Downloads
Sales, Product & Company Collateral
...and more!
Amazing Analytics!
Scan! or Text
"drake" to 59769
*Message and Data Rates May Apply. You may opt out at any time by sending STOP to 59769. For help or information text HELP to 59769
Visit our site: www.brandxmobile.net
Or Call (919) 257-3977 to speak with a sales rep and get your own Company Branded Connect Card!
Your personalized QR code can be a part of your email footer with a link behind the QR image

A call to action to scan or click (a redirect will manage the landing page based on the end user's device.

Instead of a redirect you can have your contact info automatically download to their contact database.
Attach your QR code to your email signature file and link the image to your v-card.
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