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Minotaur and Centaur facts

No description

Damon Brasseur-Connell

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Minotaur and Centaur facts

Minotaur and Centaurs The most common theory holds that the idea of centaurs came from the first reaction of a non-riding culture, as in the Minoan Aegean world, to nomads who were mounted on horses. The theory suggests that such riders would appear as half-man, half-animal. The Minotaur is a mythical creature that has fighten many battles. But where did he really come from. He was the offspring of cretanbull and pasiphaë. By: Damon Brasseur-connell By:Damon Brasseur-Connell wiener Dick The Minotaur is huge creatures, covered in fur, and powerfully built, giving him incredible strength. He has have a tail and the head of a bull with large horns, and walk around on two legs, but have hooves instead of feet. He does have hands, but theirs only have three stump like fingers on him, which are two massive ones and one small one. He often wore armor light or heavy. THE END Centaurs are extremely gifted astrologers and fortune tellers, to the point that many suspect that they possess some magical sense of precognition. Many centaurs excel at natural magics, and are said to be able to cure or kill anything with access to the proper plants. Some have empathic skills with other creatures, especially subsentient animals (most notably horses). Usually, these centaurs are trained as tribal wizards or witches, and accorded great respect. Some, however, develop too strong a bond with animals, and go wild themselves. Such individuals are pitied, but allowed to remain outcasts.
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