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Basketball innovations

No description

erin go

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Basketball innovations

6 Innovations in Basketball By Erin Go 5 Innovations in Basketball By Erin Go The Three Pointer Line A man named Herman Sayger, thought
that a shot from a farther distance deserved
to get more points in 1933. That is how the three-point line was born in basketball. The ABL (ASEAN Basketball League) were the first to apply this rule but in later years it faded away. But in 1975, the ABA (American Basketball Association) brought the line back to compete against the NBA. Finally NBA started to use the three-point line in the 1979-1980 season. Now the three-point
line is a main rule in the world of
basketball. The Backboard In 1893, the backboard was invented
for the basketball hoop, so it could prevent spectators sitting behind the ring interfering with the game. The backboard also helped control the players shots so it was and still is very useful. Both the hoop and backboard were first made of chicken wire. Without the backboard, shots would be more difficult to get in and it would be very similar to netball. The number of players When basketball was first invented, there were originally 9 players on the court. 3 people were guards, 3 people were centers, and 3 people were forwards. It was seen as the court being too crowded so now only 5 people are allowed to be on court. 2 for guards, 2 for forwards, and 1 for center. The 3 second rule The 3 second rule in basketball was created in 1936. This rule states that when a team has possession of a ball, any offensive player is restricted from staying in the key for more than 3 seconds. But while the ball is in the air or gets quickly passed to the opposing team, the 3 second rule does not affect these actions. Racial Integration Racial integration may be basketball's most popular and affective innovation. Without this innovation happening in the past, the NBA games wouldn't be a successful without players such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, etc. In 1950, Earl Loyd, Nat Clifton, and Chuck
Cooper join the NBA League which changed the course
of basketball forever. They were the first African-
American people to participate in the league. Soon racial integration in basketball around the world started to adapt. Now we look at this integration and think how basketball wouldn't be the same if it never happened. Cheers for watching!
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