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Oliver Sykes

A brief biography of Oliver Sykes life.

Daylen Southwood

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Oliver Sykes

Oliver Scott Sykes

Oliver Scott Sykes
Oliver was born on November 20, 1986 in Ashford, Kent, England. He attended Stocksbridge High School but dropped out to pursue his dreams of forming a band.
Born Oliver Scott Sykes, but better known as Oliver Sykes or Oli Sykes, is the lead Vocalist for metal core band Bring Me The Horizon and founder of the Drop Dead Clothing.
Matt Nicholls: Drums, Percussion
Lee Malia: Guitar
Jordan Fish: Keyboard
Oliver Sykes: Vocals
Matt Kean: Bass Guitar
Oliver Sykes is son to Ian and Carol Sykes and has a brother named Tom Sykes.
"I was extremely unpopular at school. Once the hardest kid in school beat me up and there was a plan for about 30 other kids to kick me in the face once I was down. Good times!"
- Oliver Sykes
When Oli was five he moved to Australia with his parents. Three years later, he moved back to Stocksbridge just out of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Ever since Oli was a child his passion was drawing, specifically cartoons and comics. In school, Oli was somewhat a loner and instead of playing football in the playground, he would sit on the steps and draw pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog, all day long. At the age of eight he created his first comic, "Zombie Chicken," a story about a farmer who killed one of his chickens for the families dinner, but it unfortunately resurrects itself, killing his family in which the farmer vows to destroy all chickens. Sadly, the comic never got off the ground. It wasn't til he was older that he moved away from art & into music. As he got older he started making compilation CD's and short tracks under the name of Quakebeat. The compilation albums also came under the sound "Quakesound."
Early Life
Origin of
Bring Me The Horizon
The band was formed in 2004 and was noticed by Thirty Days of Night Records. Oli got the band's name from the final line of the film "Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl," in which captain Jack Sparrow says,"Now bring me that horizon." The band released their first album, "This is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For" on October 2, 2004. It was then released on January 20, 2005
but through Indie label Visible Records.
In the past 10 years BMTH has released 5 major albums
This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For (2004)
Count Your Blessings (2006)
Suicide Season (2008)
There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret (2010)
Sempiternal (2013)
" I think the fakest thing in the world is to judge someone on the way they look"
- Oliver Sykes
BMTH has been nominated many times. They were even nominated for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards for best UK band. Although they didn't win, they have won 4 major awards in the Kerrang Awards.
Kerrang Awards 2006: Best British Newcomer
Kerrang Awards 2011: Best Album - There is a Hell,
Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret
Kerrang Awards 2013: Best British Band
Kerrang Awards 2013: Best Video - Alligator Blood
BMTH's albums "Sempiternal" and "There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret" made it in the Billboard Charts in the top 200. "Sempiternal" was placed at no. 11 when first released and "There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret" was placed at no. 17 when first released.
"I have a penis tattooed on my leg, and high five tattooed on my palm. I don't regret them yet, but I'm sure when my children disown me as a father, I may have some remorse."
- Oliver Sykes
More Accomplishments
BMTH also launched their own brand of barbeque sauce. They call it, "Bring Me The BBQ." Oli wrote: "Our BBQ sauce has finally arrived. It tastes like Jesus' cum. So fucking good. Will be available on our merch and in all good food stores very soon."
Guest Performances:
Admiral' Arms-
Stories Are Told
(2009)- "Dawn of the New Age"
Deez Nuts-
This One's For You
(2010)- "If You Don't Know, Now You Know"
You Me At Six-
Sinners Never Sleep
(2011)- "Bite My Tongue"
Day Breaker
(2012)- "Even If You Win, You're Still a Rat"
You Me At Six-Bite My Tongue (ft. Oliver Sykes)
BMTH is also a member of the PETA2 family. PETA2, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an American animal rights organization in Norfolk, Virginia. Oli states that he saw a video that PETA2 produced and was outraged by the way animals were treated. Right after watching the video Oli said, "That's it- I'm going vegetarian." Oli also made shirts that said, "Meat Sucks" through his company Drop Dead to support the PETA2 organization. The band later produced "Boycott KFC posters" after they were told by PETA2 that KFC scalds chickens to death and cuts the beaks off of baby birds.
"Just because she doesn’t have 100+ likes on her profile picture, it doesn’t mean she’s not gorgeous. Every girl is beautiful, it’s society that’s ugly."
- Oliver Sykes
current life
Oli is currently 27 and is engaged to Hannah Snowdon, a tattoo artist and model.
Raised By Raptors
Oliver launched a Kickstarter project on March 18, 2013 to fund a graphic novel he and a graphic designer, Ben Ashton-Bell, created called "Raised By Raptors." With the help of many donations from dedicated fans, Oli's dream of creating a comic book became reality.
In 2011, a 20-year-old man posted on Facebook as Oli Sykes and attempted to murder BMTH fan Maricar Benedicto. David Russell lured Benedicto to the UK under the previso that he was Sykes before taking her to a forest near his Northampton home and persuading the 19-year-old to wear a blindfold, saying he had a gift for her. Benedicto attempted to escape, but Russell stabbed her several times. Russell received a life sentence for his crimes. In an interview Oli was asked about the incident that occured:
In late 2013, Tyler, The Creator, made an attack on Sykes due to one of Drop Deads shirt designs containing lyrics from one of his songs Radicals, using Twitter to post abuse about Oli Sykes. Ronnie Radke also called Sykes a "pussy" and told him that he shouldn't steal works of other people. Sykes later talked about the issue, also on Twitter and said: "Who gives a shit. Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known & everything I have ever seen."
In June 2013, Oliver Sykes and the band Bring Me the Horizon were being sued by parents of a 12 year old girl due to injuries inflicted on her as a result from the mosh pits during the band's set at one of the Warped Tour 2013 dates, with Oli tweeting that by law he is no longer able to start any form of moshing activities at his concerts. However Oli Sykes later stated that he was no longer being sued and that moshing was not going to be banned.
Drop Dead
Oli also is the founder of the alternative multi-million GBP clothing line Drop Dead. Drop Dead is one the most popular alternative clothing and accessories lines in the world. It caters for both male and female, plus it ships world wide.
Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses
Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking
Bring Me The Horizon - Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake
Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart
- Oliver Sykes
"Wanna know the funniest thing about people who call people like me satanists? They believe in Satan, and I don't."
- Oliver Sykes
"You can't trust everyone and you can't let people too close, which is kind of sad in a way, but it's true"
-Oliver Sykes
"If you let go a little, you will have a little happiness. Let go a lot & you will have a lot. Let go completely & you will be free"
- Oliver Sykes
Bmth at the kerrang awards 2013
Oli has also been featured on many songs by other artists:
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