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7 habits of highly effective college students

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mackenzie bradhead

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of 7 habits of highly effective college students

7 habits of highly effective college students How can Jill be a successful student in college? 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for College Students Habit #1 - Be Proactive Habit #2 - Begin with the end in mind Effective people manage themselves - not time

What is important for you today? Covey's 7 habits for highly effective college students

These techniques have been proven to work towards be academically successful 1. Be proactive
2. Begin with end in mind
3. Put first things first
4. Think win- win
5. Seek first to understand, then be understood
6. Synergize
Combine strengths with peope through team work
7. Sharpen the saw
balance and renew resources Proactive people respond
Reactive people react

Do you respond or react in your classes?
what is the difference? Imagine.. who you want to be?
then become who you want to be!

What do you want to get out of college? Habit # 3 - Put first things first Jill Habit # 4 - Think win-win

Collaboratinoton and cooperation - competition

What is your balance of courage and consideration Habit # 5 - Seek first to understand, then be understood Are you listening?

Listening requires you to forget about yourself and focus on other person. Habit #6 - Synergize - Combine strengths with people through team work creativity
embrace diversity
new alternatives
open mindedness

How do you interact with others? Habit # 7 - Sharpen the saw - Balance & renew resources Physical

How much time do you allow for each area in your life?

How might renewal help you in this area? Refrase. Reflect. Clarify How can living the habits daily help Jill throughout her college experience? Living the Habits Daily Review your mission daily
Prioritize daily tasks
Allow yourself to say "no"
Maintain balance Jill Jill is a struggling college student who doesn't know what she wants for her life She was referred to Covey's book of 7 habits from a friend and found it to be of great help Question: How can the 7 habits of highly effective people relate to college students and their success?
By applying the 7 habits, we found that college students are generally more successful and prepared From the survey taken from current college students, we found that the biggest problem facing college students was generally that don't get enough sleep and tend procrastinate more often than not. Presentation Previously we presented this to future college students - some that are currently attending some college classes

They were familiar with the 7 habits. In their class, they were practicing the habits of highly effective teens so they were able to relate to what we were saying
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