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Emperor Penguins

No description

Adam Martinelli

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Emperor Penguins

How they live Predator and Prey Emperor Penguins are carnivores and eat smaller sea animals like krill, squid, and fish but mainly fish and squid. Baby Penguins Baby Penguins are called chicks. A male and female have a maximum of one chick every year. Courtship usually occurs in April and May. Then the female will lay an egg in May or June. Why an Emperor? Emperor Penguins By Adam Martinelli An Emperor Penguin or Aptenordytes Forsteri is the largest species of penguins known! They have a life span of about 15 to 20 years, they are usually about 45 inches tall, and weighs up to 88 pounds. You can see why they are called Emperors!

The colonies of Emperor Penguins live in the Antarctica region where it can be colder then -50 degrees. This is the area Emperor penguins live. The penguins must spend a lot of time doing this just to survive the long
winter on cold ice. Emperor Penguins live in groups called colonies that have thousands of penguins in them. The colonies must go through changes and cooperate to survive the harsh weathers of Antarctica where wind chills can go down to -76 degrees farenheight.
The penguins huddle together and one by one take turns in the center of the group to warm up, but once done the penguin must go to the outside so others can warm up. The Emperor Penguin have animals like Leopard Seals, Killer Whales, and Skuas (A large seabird) trying to kill it also.
Even though they have fierce competitors the penguins can blend in to their surroundings well. The mother Penguin regurgitates fish into their chicks mouth much like other birds. Next the egg will go straight to the male to keep between his legs underneath a layer of feathers called a brooding pouch. If the male put the egg down even for a second, it could freeze. Baby Penguins Cont. Once the male gets the egg the female goes on a hunting trip to feed the soon to be hatched baby penguin. A penguin egg takes
2 months to hatch and until then the male gets little to eat. Once the mother returns from hunting the starved male will give the egg to the female and go hunting. The transfer of the egg is difficult to pass and once the egg hits the insanely cold ground the chick will die. Mothers will care for the young chicks while keeping the small chick in her own brood pouch until the penguin can hunt on its own In the sky As we know, Penguins can't fly but they will never get the chance to do that if they all disappear.

The Emperor Penguins are dieing because of global warming and being killed by predators.

We can help if you donate to organizations websites helping penguins like: www.penguins.cl
www.seabirds.org/adopt.htm Fun Facts Emperor Penguins can reach a speed of 17mph while diving and hold its breath for 20 minutes.
Emperor penguins slide on their bellies on ice to preserve energy. That is called tobogganing.
If a mother loses a chick she will attempt to steal another one.
Emperor Penguins can drink salt water because they have a filtering system in their blood stream. Quiz Time!! 1. Mothers usually lay their egg when?
A. April or May
B. April or March
C. May or June

2. About how much do Emperor Penguins weigh?
A. 88lbs
B. 108lbs
C. 98lbs Thanks
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