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Kiera Valeski

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Magcon


Cameron Dallas
Cameron Dallas is a nineteen year old boy from Chino Hills, California. He is a Vanity teen model and a Viner. He has one million five hundred thousand followers on vine and two million on YouTube. He was in a music video with Austin Mahone and Ryan Seacrest.

Jack and Jack
Jack and Jack are both 17 and live in Omaha. They met their first day in Kindergarten, and became best friends because they had the same shirt on and had the same name. They have a million followers on vine and a million on twitter.
Bart Bordelon
Hamilton Grier
Hamilton is a sixteen year old boy from Greensboro, North Carolina. Many people know him as Nash Grier. He goes by that because he doesn't like his name. He has two brothers and one half sister. He has three million followers on vine and two million on twitter. He was on GMA and 20/20. He also recently went to the Grammy's.
Matthew Espinosa
Matthew Espinosa is 16 and from Woodbridge, Virginia. He is 1/9 of the magcon boys. He almost started a riot in a Virginia mall. He has 1.3 million followers on Vine and 1 million on Twitter.
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes is 15 and from Ontario, Canada. He is an amazing singer. He does many covers of different songs, and recently got a record deal. He has a million followers on vine and a million on youtube and twitter.
Hayes Grier
Hayes is a thirteen year old boy from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is Nash's younger brother. He goes on tour with them sometimes as a special guest. He has 800,000 followers on vine.
By: Kiera Valeski, Cassie Swingle and Allie Craig
Bart Bordelon is the founder of Magcon. He found the 9 boys on vine, and decided to bring them together. He is married with one daughter.

Aaron Carpenter
Aaron Carpenter is 15 and from Louisiana. He has one million followers on twitter and a million on vine. He is in almost every nation cast with Bart.
Taylor Caniff
Taylor Caniff is 18 and from Indiana. He is one of the more popular Magcon boys, and never been on a TV show. He has 2 million on vine and a million on twitter.
Carter Reynolds
Carter Reynolds is 17 and from North Carolina. He has a million followers on vine and a million followers on twitter. He makes a lot of vines with his mom who always tells him to shut his mouth.
Jacob Whitesides
Jacob Whitesides is 16 and from Tennessee. He is a special guest in Magcon, not an actual Magcon boy. He is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player. He has 800.000 followers on twitter
Reference Page
Photos from google lol *Click* Or Nah. Facts fro my brain because we're obsessed.
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