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What are the uses of a Virtual Classroom in the teaching and learning of ESL/EFL?

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Nathaly Dinarte

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of What are the uses of a Virtual Classroom in the teaching and learning of ESL/EFL?

What are the uses of a Virtual Classroom in the teaching and Learning of ESL/EFL? The uses of Virtual Classroom are
Video-based courses Is one of the effective way to teach and motivate students to learn
Animated courses: Enriching text-oriented or audio-based course material by animations is generally a good way of making the content and its appearance more interesting. Animations are created using Macromedia Flash or similar technologies.
Social Networking: technologies in virtual classrooms promotes increased social interaction Virtual Classroom is an online Teaching and Learning enviroment where teachers provide course content through the use of course management applications, multimedia resources and videoconferencing Benefits of Virtual classes in ESL/EFL
Real-time communication with community-centered interaction
Giving students a space to learn
Enhance student's learning experience (through practice)
Discussions of problems, solving exercises, case studies, review questions, etc.
help the students to understand better what they learned before. Limitations Of Virtual Classes in ESL/EFL
The process to create virtual class does not occur overnight, it requires time, dedication, and some patience; to meet the standard requirement for providing the right resources for the users (students)
Professors must undergo training. The more familiar the professor is with the online service, the more effective and efficient their curriculum will be.
Higher prices for Internet based learning can discourage students from this method of learning. Conclusion
The uses of virtual classroom: the online way to teach is being improved the learning acquisition in Students through interacting, solving problems, watching videos, using flashcards, playing audios etc. Facilitate the process to teach and learn by a dynamic way.
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