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Hikaru's Toy Trouble

This was a STEM project about the maglev we hope that you enjoy it!

Nicole Brunswick

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Hikaru's Toy Trouble

Vocab Words
Movie and Maglev Train Video
Hikaru's Toy Troubles

Hikaru's family owns a toy store but there is a bigger toy store down the street. He is wondering why his parents are so depressed but finds out that the bigger toy store is taking all of the customers. So Hikaru decides to think of an idea with the help of his friends Utada and Hotei. He also gets some help from his neighbor Mrs. Tackamuru. Well Mrs. Tackamuru, Hikaru and his friends forgot about cram school so they didn't go.Hikaru wants a devise so that the customers will love the store and the customers will have to buy toys. Then he comes up with an idea to make a devise that is like a Maglev train but will drop the package into the bag after they check out and buy the toy. His parents were disappointed because he missed cram school. Then they realized what a wonderful idea he had and that it had worked. Hikaru tested his idea in front of his parents and it worked. They used Hikarus idea in the store and it worked. The store then got a lot of customers.
Main Characters
-Hikaru has a great imagination because he came up with the idea to make a maglev package Transportation system.

Mrs. Takamaru
- Hikaru is also very creative to have a parachute deliver the persons supplies and to use a magnet to repel the table so the package could float above the table into the bag.
- Hikaru is a japanese person and is about 12 years old
- Hikuru's importance to the story is basically without him there would be no story. He is the one who comes up with the Delivery System
-She always thinks if she misses something or is late for anything she will get in trouble because when they missed cram school she started freaking out and got really worried that she would get in trouble.
-Utada is also very smart because she helped create the Maglev package transportation system when they were building the system.
-She is very creative and artistic because she drew all of the art on the parachute for the package so it doesn't break when it falls into the bag.
-Mrs. Tackamaru is a Transportation engineer.That means she uses her knowledge of science and math and creativity to move things or people from place to pace safely.
- She is nice because she helped Hikaru and his friends with their project
- She is also patient because when the kids don't have a great idea she says maybe there is a different approach for that situation.
-Her importance to the story is that without her the kids wouldn't be in her house let alone thinking that big I think.

-Utada's importance to the story is without her they would not be able to remember when cram schools starts because she warned them when they had 15 minutes before it started.
Hikaru's Toy Trouble
Wrote By:Engineering is Elementary
Illustrated By: Ross Wiley

The End
It takes place mostly in the store, Mrs. Takamaru's house, Hikaru's house, and Cram School.This book takes place in the day and in japan.
Who is on the Engineering is Elementary Team?
Carolyn DeCristofano
Cathy Lachapelle
Kristen Saragianis
Kate Hester
Melissa Higgins
Christine M. Cunningham
Ben Schersten
Meredith Knight
Han Group- It is a small group of students who helps with classroom or school chores.( A han group serving lunch)

Blueprints- A reproduction of a technical drawing.( There are blueprints for Maglev Train.)

Engineer-A person who uses math, science, materials, and creativity to solve a problem.(Mrs. Takamaru is a transportation engineer.)

Technology- It is a thing that makes
life easier.( A parachute is a technology.)

Engineering design process- A series of steps to solve a problem.(Hikaru used the engineering design process to make Azuki Toys popular)

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