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Presentation Tips

Helping your audience get more your presentation

leonor brilha

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Presentation Tips

Presentation Tips
Helping your audience get
more from your presentation

"Stand to the left of screen. Your audience will anchor on you, then read across, then come back and anchor on you..."
The presenter and the presentation "play complementary roles - like the
cowboy and the horse"
Results from a survey show that
two teachers out of ten have a working knowledge of how to operate the Hewlett Packard computer and inkjet printer.
The same number of teacher has knowledge about available computer software for teaching written language skills.
20% of teacher surveyed can:
operate HP computers & printers
use software to teach writing skills
Increase retention by 30%

Show slides for 14-21 seconds BEFORE talking about them
(University of Colorado in Bolder, 1984)
"Let the image sink in first;
then you can hang your
message on that visual hook."
Average Attention Span
18 minutes
Attention & Pacing
Everyone knows learning
must be serious and difficult
and you must remain seated
at all times. No fun allowed.
Need to work a visual "commercial break" in at least every 15 minutes
(relate it to your content)
Humor = good for learning
Ask a question
Help make a connection
Take a poll
Build in time for discussion
Think-Jot-Pair-Share almost always builds engagement
Engage audience every
3-4 minutes
Brains like color
Brains see yellow first
Color visuals increase willingness
to read by up to
80 %
Color enhances learning and improves retention by more than
75 %
perceive that
"presentations that use color are able to
than those use black and white.
communicate better

Be Smart.

Create Great
Attack jargon with vengeance
Length of Presentation
Minimum Slides
Optimum Slides
30 mins
20 slides
60/90 slides
60 mins
45 slides
150/180 slides
2 hours
90 slides
300/460 slides
Increase retention
Graduate School of Education
University of Buffalo
The State University of New York
Jennifer Austin
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