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Weapons AND Violence

Weapons and Violence for ENL project Pd. 7/8

kenia mendoza

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Weapons AND Violence

Weapons and Violence Weapons and Violence
Nowadays, we hear and see that a student brought a weapon to school or even worse that students in a school got killed from other student. What can we do to prevent violence?? Metal Detectors
More patrols
Talk and don't regret later!

How is it going to work? The metals detectors are going to prevent weapons inside the school. Patrols: not only outside the school, Inside, the schools and police are asking for ID's to know who is on the property. Educate Student AND Parents about the dangers and
how to talk to their kids about the school safety and
what are the consequences. TALK
Ben davis in the years 2009 there was a
2 suspencions because of firealarms

In March 19, 2010 Hispanic students were absent at BDHS because they were scared of something that could happend. Also, their parents were scared.
"They will bring guns and shoot all of the Hispanic people they see around..." that was one of text we received... SPEAK UP!!!
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