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Thresh and Foxface

No description

Foxface Orris

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Thresh and Foxface

Thresh and Foxface
Though it may be a myth, Foxface and Thresh are both amazing characters from the hunger games who share each other's love.
Let me share a few things!
Even out of the movie, Jackie Emerson and Dayo Okeniyi are still great friends.
You can find Thresh and Foxface's love for each other in fan fiction. It does not say in the book or movie if the two were allies, but it just might be true!
Foxface is a very clever character, the most intelligent of the tributes. She also has some weaknesses too, such as she is not strong. If a tribute charged her, she would be dead in an instant.

This is where Thresh comes in. He is average in intelligence, but at 6'5" he is a giant to the tributes. Thresh's strength is extraordinary.
Who Did What?

As told in the story, Foxface didn't join the bloodbath. She understood that she couldn't survive all the Careers killing everyone in sight.

As for Thresh though, he entered the cornucopia. Just about to be killed by another guy, Thresh pulls away killing the boy. This is his first kill.
After the Bloodbath
After watching close to half of the tributes die, Foxface runs into the forest. She climbs a good, sturdy, and tall tree to settle in, a tree were she could watch but not be seen. She watches the days go by, but goes hungry. She figures out the Careers' plan of planting the mines in the ground around the supplies. When no one looks, she darts avoiding the bombs ,and returns with food. That is when she finds a field, and runs into it.

As for Thresh, he grabs a odd shaped weapon and runs. He finds a large open field that could even hide him. He takes his supplies he had retrieved from the cornucopia and sits almost waiting.

Foxface hides her first name (Eve)
Thresh's real name is Thresh
Sly and sneaky
Big and loud
Likes to hide away from tributes
Kills tributes (if needed)
Not too smart
Extremely tall
Not talkative
Just want a friend
Want to go home
If one doesn't win they want District 12 to
Dislikes district partner
Loves district partner like a sister
Love for one enough
Turns out they both had the same idea. They run into each other and right before Foxface could run, Thresh calls, "Allies?" while noticing her large pile of food. After that they became allies, they'd talk all day and night. They soon became great friends, but no one could deny! They were truly in love!
After the feast ,in which Thresh saved Katniss and killed Clove, Cato comes looking for Thresh to get revenge for killing Clove. When he finds them, he trips Foxface and kills Thresh. Foxface is so depressed she wants to die. She found Peeta about to each Nightlock berries, that could kill instantly. She decides that she cannot win then she wants District 12 to. She grabs the berries and eats them right away. She is killed instantly. She then sees Thresh in heaven.
I guess the odds were in their favor!
Cato and Clove
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