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No description

Semone Franks

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Communication

Riding the Segways and collecting data
Driving simulation
Taking tours and exploring campus
Ann Arbor Art Fair
Car crash simulation (Sled Test)
Whirly Ball Game
Movie Nights
U of M Dearborn Visit
An all around wonderful experience!
1.0 V2V Overview
V2V stands for Vehicle to Vehicle communication
V2V is a new technology that promotes road safety and traffic efficiency
The car gets installed with a GPS (global positioning system), antenna, and a module
The car would send signals by electromagnetic waves to a receiver located on the car and by satellite
V2V will lower the amount of accidents
2.0 Vehicle Systems
3.0 Hardware
4.0 Imoto Communications
5.0 Innovation
7.0 U of M Experience
3 Main systems of a car include: Chassis, Powertrain and Body
Chassis-Axel for wheels, front brakes exhaust, rear brakes and fuel systems
Powertrain- inverters, ignition, valves, and engine
Body-hood, headlights, fenders doors, bumpers, hood and mirrors
Table of Contents
1.0: V2V Overview
2.0: Vehicle Systems
3.0: Hardware
4.0: Imoto Communication
5.0: Innovation
6.0: Future Application
7.0: U of M Experience
Being at the University of Michigan is a valuable experience and we experienced:
Fun projects
Adjustment to college life
Experiencing beautiful Ann Arbor
Meeting and making new friends
Supportive staff and facilitators
Learning about V2V and other technologies
Having fun

Body- The main framework of the vehicle
V2V is needed in the field of public transit
Powertrain-The system that transmits the energy the vehicle to the axle
Chassis-The base frame of a motor vehicle, includes wheels
Signal- A gesture, action, or sound that is used to inform or instruct typically between the parties concerned
Wave- A periodic disturbance of the particles of a substance that may be propagated without net movement of the particles, such as in the passage of undulating motion, heat, or sound
This new communication would enable city buses to communicate with traffic lights
This would optimize transit schedules and minimize delays
Bus Transit Background
Imoto Communications

City buses are a vital from of transportation for urban cities across America.
Semone Franks
Nohamys Gatorno - Cisneros
Anthony Erebor
Dano Robinson

The name of our company is Imoto, meaning vehicle in the Zulu language.
Motto: "
Thank You For Watching
How It Works
City buses will communicate by using wireless, V2V control modules and communicate with infrastructure
The city buses can receive and broadcast information regarding their location, speed and expected arrival.
Buses will send a higher electromagnetic frequency to the traffic lights, allowing them to move intersections without stopping at the light
Cost Benefits
Tomorrow's Transportation, Today."

Mission Statement: Our goal is make public transportation systems more efficient in the interest of public safety
Approximately 9 million people ride city buses everyday
City bus fares generate $41 million annually, according to the American Public Transit Association
However, delays are frequent and frustrating for riders
The American Public Transit Association suggests that Millennium Generation (18-29) are frequent riders of city buses
Increased fares, grants and funding can help offest the cost of installation and use of V2V technology in city buses
U of M experience cont.
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