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stop and frisk

No description

najja jones

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of stop and frisk

Stop And Frisk By Najja Jones
Ms. Forman
English 4 What Is Stop & Frisk? Stop and frisk is a "loophole" for racial profiling to continue. Stop and frisk is a law that allows enforcement officers to search for a weapon confined to a suspect's outer clothing. A justified stop is if the suspect is exhibitining any combination of the following behaviors:appears not to fit the time or place,matches the description on a "Wanted" flyer. Acts strangely, or is emotional, angry, fearful, or intoxicated. What's A Justified Stop? Does Stop And Frisk Really Work? According to Beverly Rice stop and frisk has been an effective tool for the police since 1968. The police officers need a set of flexible responses that allows them to react based on the information they possess. In Philadelphia, stops nearly doubled to more than 200,000 from 2007-2008. 51% of those were black 32% hispanic and II% white.
Suspicion A reasonable suspicion is define by a set of factual circumstances that would lead a reasonable officer to believe criminal activity is occuring. Why Do We Have Stop & Frisk In the mid-1990's, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and NYPD commissioner William Bratton made stop an integral part of the city's law enforcement. Do People Really Belive That Stop And Frisk Can Help? People in high crime areas and in areas with minority populations often while officers believe that the stop and frisk law is a useful crime fighting. Stop and frisk can help us all sleep a little more soundly a good step in the all American pursuit of happiness. Too Much Power Many police departments are at odds with the public in certain neighborhoods concerning what some people deem unwarranted stops. Officers believe that stop and frisk law is a useful crime fighting tool, they also feel that the law can be overused as an effort to boost statistics. How Many People Have Been Stopped In The Street Hundreds and thousands of other americans in big cities have been stopped on the street by police. The police in major U.S. cities stop and question more than a million people each year. The Race Most are black and hispanic men. Many are frisked and nearly all are innocent of any crime, according to figuers gathered by the associated press. The police department maintain it's necessary tool that turns up illegal weapons and drugs and prevent more serious crime.
Thesis Conclusion Stop and frisk is just an excuse for racial profiling to continue just because your black and the police have suspicions that you may have drugs or a weapon Works Cited Matthews, Bebeto "Over A Million People".<http:www.msnbc.mns.com

Rice, Beverly "When Can The Police Stop And Frisk Youn On The Street" <http:www.legalzoom.com

Gale Group Inc "The Law Dictionary" copyright in 2008 <http:www.The Free Dictionary.com

Hill .N Gerald "Stop And Frisk Legal Definition" copyright in 1981-2005 <http:www.Online Law Dictionary.com Where's Your warrant Unfortunately, the police don't always need a warrant, under the stop and frisk exception the police can stop you on the street and pat you down for anything illegal as long as they have suspicions. Thank You
Police taking advantage? In New York About 500,000 were stopped!
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