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Environmental issues in the middle east

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Emma Delayne

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Environmental issues in the middle east

When farmers use chemicals for crops, they forget that it runs off into the closest river or water source.
People also drink that water and can have serious side affects and harm them seriously.
Oil in the middle east is easy to find in some countries, but in others not so much.
Its not distributed easily among the other countries.
They draw oil so much, that they don't let it settle in produce more.
It takes oil over one million years to make.
Marsh Lands
These are, by far, the largest marshlands in the Middle East and they happen to reside in Iraq. the drainage and destruction of these marshlands has caused a decrease in bird population and extinction of seven different natural plant and animal species from the marshlands.
Other results are loss of soil salinity in the Marshes this has deprived Iraq of crucial agricultural land and has caused the loss of dairy production, fishing, and rice cultivation in the region.
The drainage and destruction has also caused the desertification of 7,500 square miles and increased salt water intrusion and increased overflow of pollutants.
Distribution problems are caused by the use of dams. This causes other countries not to get as much water as they usually would.
Irrigation chemicals run off into the water and makes the water unsanitary.
Due to religions, people use the water for all sorts of things such as cooking, bathing, drinking, irrigating, and religious purposes.
Environmental issues in the middle east
Water issues-such as pollution and distribution
Crop chemicals
Oil distribution

Distribution problems are caused by the use of what?

About how many years does it take for oil to be made?
They don't have a lot of available land.
The soil needs to be fertile.
And they crops need to be close to a good water source.
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