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The Fault In Our Stars

No description

Isabella Almazan

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars By John Green
John Green brings these characters to life in a limited number of agonizing pages that is best divided into 3 sections; beginning, middle, and end.
Hazel Grace Lancaster
Hazel has has lung cancer all of her life and when her mother starts to take notice in Hazel's depressed behavior, she forces Hazel to go to a support group. In the Literal Heart of Jesus is where she will find the person who changes her life completely and he will show Hazel that her perspective life is a little sinister.
Augustus Waters
Augustus understands life in a different way, much like Hazel. He always brings a smile to anyone's face. He had bone cancer in his leg but he had it removed, leaving him with 1.4 leg. He's a very compassionate boy with a certain whit that can lift anyone's spirit.
The story mostly takes place in Modern Day Indianapolis however the story's greatest revelation takes place under the stars of Amsterdam.
As they're last day in Amsterdam closes in, Gus starts to act in a different manner that starts to worry Hazel. Augustus regrets to inform Hazel that cancer has returned to his body and he is dying. They're flight back to America is spent in a comforting silence. Hazel soon realizes that Gus's last 'good days' are upon them and she needs to be with him. Unexpectedly Gus calls upon Hazel and Issac to write his their eulogies that they will read at his funeral. Hazel says that he gave her forever within a number of days and she is grateful for their little infinity. Augustus Waters dies 8 days after his pre-funeral. At his funeral Hazel soon finds Van Houston amongst the morning faces, saying that he is sorry in which Hazel tells him to go home, sober up, and write a sequel. Issac asks Hazel if she ever got Gus's sequel that he was working on and she says no as she thought Gus was far too sick as to have been writing her a sequel. She asks his parents and they say they did find a sheet of paper in his room. Hazel realizes that it is not a squeal but a note written to Van Houston, saying that Van Houston may be a good witter but a bad person and Gus may be a bad witter but a good person and that he likes that his thought cannot be put together and that "his thoughts are stars he cannot fathom into constellations".
Hazel: Shailene Woodly (The Secret Life of the American Teenager)
Augustus: Ansel Elgort (Diveregent)
Issac: Nat Wolff ( The Naked Brothers Band)
Coming to theaters June 7, 2014.
Movie Adaptation
John Green has a YouTube channel called Vlogbrothers that he shares with his brother Hank. He has also published 'Looking for Alaska', 'An Abundance of Katherines', and 'Paper Towns'. He is 30 years old living in Indiana with his wife and son.
About the Author
Although this book is labeled as a 'YA' novel, it does have complex and abstract themes. One reoccurring theme is that you have to leave your mark on the world without leaving a scar. Another is that some infinities are longer than other infinities and that a life time can be made in limited days.
Thank you for watching! I would highly recommend this book to anyone! It works or all age levels; teen to adult. I was thoroughly impressed because I am usually not one for realistic fiction and this happens to be within my top 5 favorite books and I read a lot of books. Give this book a try okay? Okay. Listen to the first chapter read by the author himself in the video to the side.
Okay? Okay.
Hazel is stuck at home until one day her mother forces her to go to her usual support group that Hazel dreads. Upon Hazel's arrival she finds someone new, Augustus Waters. Through all of the meeting she cannot shake the feeling that he is watching her, which he is . After the group Hazel and Gus say goodbye to their mutual friend, Issac. Gus spontanelously invites Hazel to his house where Hazel expresses her love one book 'An Imperial Affliction', in which there is no ending and Hazel feels is the only book the will ever get her, and Gus promises to read it. After Gus finishes the book,without Hazel knowing, he emails the author about the ending of the book when the author, Peter Van Housten, invites the two to come to his home in Amsterdam. Gus and Hazel both happily agree until tradgey strikes.
As they approach the home of their literary hero, Hazel is appalled at the sight she sees upon; a drunken man with no appreciation for anyone or anything. Van Houston begins to ask what they are doing here and the he never invited them over when his assistant, Ludwig, shares that she is the one who invited then and told him that she thought it would be good for him to see his fans. Hazel is frustrated and she demands to know what happen to the characters in 'An Imperial Affliction' and he states that she is just a waste of existence and that she will just die sooner or later. Hazel leaves annoyed with Gus trailing behind. Augustus says he will write her a squeal that "will be that anything that drunk can write". Ludwig comes running out apologizing for Peter's vulgar behavior and she invites them to see Ann Frank's house, a jewish girl who was killed in WW2. In these historic halls is where Hazel lets her guard down and kisses Gus for the first time and later that night she and Gus share a special night together and Hazel feels as if she on a roller coaster that only goes up. But every amusement park ride must come to a sudden halt.
Middle Part 2
Hazel ends up in the hospital with half of her lungs filled with water and her chances for recovery are bleak. She thankfully pulls trough but her opportunity to go to Amsterdam are slimier than ever. After a chat with Gus where he remind her that she can use her cancer 'Wish' when she says that she has already used hers when she was 13 before she went through a life threatening procedure. He happily gives her his 'Wish' but she says that she doesn't want to waste it. Hazel begins to worry when her and Gus's conversations become more flirty because Gus has already had a girlfriend who has died due to cancer and she doesn't want his heart go through that again. The good news come that Hazel can go but she must have her mother tag along too. She and Augustus embark into the bustling streets of Amsterdam enjoying Dutch people speck Dutch and drinking 'stars' under the moon. Before they can comprehend it all its finally time to meat Peter Van Houston.
Middle Part 1
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