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Animals of all sorts. are they carniviouous, where do they live and if you can keep them as pets.

Addie Sullivan

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Animals

Double click anywhere & add an idea Lions Lions are carnivors wich
means they eat meat.
Lions live in the safirai or in
Africa. They are very territorial
and like to prtect their land. They also
live in groups that are called a pride.
And I'm pretty sure you cant keep
them aspets This is a Dinosaur
Dinosaurs went
extint a long
time ago so
you cant have one
But they were
carnivorous and
they lived everywhere
that is before they were
whiper out. This is a zebra finch
and i know you can
have them as pets
but be careful they
are tiny.they eat bird
food but in the wild
they would eat worms. this is a hamster ...
I think but anyway
hamsters you can keep as
pets and they eat
stuff like grass and food
pelets. These cute little
guys need lots of exerscise. They
live in your homes. So beware These are two zebra you
cant keep them as pets
but they are pretty cute
they eat grass and live in the
safari as you can see
there are many
different animals
in the animals
Kingdoom but
i will only mention
a few. Figured this would be
a funny thing to show at the end.
Here is what it says.
Pirahna Bombs:Likes biting and exploading. dislikes when fuse gets wet
Owl with flick knife:likes poorl lit car parks. Dislikes classical music
Ghosts:Likes being spooky dislikes exorcistes
rhinoctopi : Likes charging and squirting ink dislkies buying shoes
Hover mantees : likes falling on people dislikes fat jokes
bees: like flowers dislikes smoke
Giraffe hitmen: likes walks on the beach dislikes jenifer aniston
vampire bear: likes honey and blood dislikes park rangers.
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