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ECMP Collaborative Project

In the winter 2010 semester, Darin Janssen and Jordan McFarlen partnered with Mr. Park's class in Mortlach, SK to promote better presentations and collaboration. This prezi takes a look back at the project.

Jordan McFarlen

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of ECMP Collaborative Project

Darin and Jordan
"My idea involves slideware. I thought it might be interesting to do a project using google docs and/or slideshare.net to collaborate with students on a presentation. My interest is twofold: 1) having students create interesting and compelling presentations and 2) using collaborative and/or social software."
Mr. Park
Mortlach School, SK
Collaborative Project
The Challenge...
Partner with an educator and COLLABORATE on an educational technology related project with his or her class.
The amazing educator we
partnered with...
The idea...
Our first brainstorming session
over a cup of coffee
Ideas we came up with...
Teach an online lesson on how to
create a good presentation with a
few design basics.
Introduce students to Google Docs
and use it for collaboration as well
as a way for us to provide feedback.
Have students work on improving
presentations they recently created which allows for self-assessment and a
before & after view.
Getting to know WiZiQ...
Planning our lesson...
The online lesson..
Good and Bad
Commenting on presentations
Closing comments...
using GoogleDocs
Very similar to elluminate

Easy to use

Quick to sign up for

Recordable sessions

Great experience. Students enjoyed
the interaction and understood message.

Minor technical difficulties with video.
But it didn't take away from the lesson.
ways to improve pressentations...
Great experience team teaching and also working collaborativly using online tools.

Learned a new tool for teaching online - WiZiQ

Is this possibly the future of teaching & education?

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