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Greening Procees : On

No description


on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Greening Procees : On

Greening Procees : On
Our main goals
GP was mainly created by 2 ambitious young Moroccan citizens for two main reasons :
How we're going to make it real
Spreading awareness, and pushing people to take initiative is definitely awesome, and i know that you're asking : How we're planning to do it? and here's the answer!
Raising awareness in our community.
Making people realize that saving our planet is an obligation, not a choice.
Sensitizing our community
We're aiming to spread a proactive spirit, make people act to protect the environment and help the planet.
We want youth to think globally and act locally .
Tacking initative
Coordinator's tasks
Representing the project in their cities.
Organizing local events.
Participating in the organization of national events.
Gathering environmentalists from their cities and creating a network of committed youth.
Focus on media
Creating a magazine that will discuss topics related to environmentalism.
Presenting our goals and aims, and promoting our organization.
Being an opened platform for other "Green" initiative to promote their projects and events.
Using social media for all purposes listed above (Facebook,twitter...).
Mohamed Aalabou
Bilal benharoual
Our Team
Our Partners
Masterpeace Morocco
Hicham lesfari
Houssam Kheraz
Association ANOUAL
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