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[Marketing project] ST.319

No description

Giang Nguyễn

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of [Marketing project] ST.319

St.319 Kpop dance cover St.319 INTRODUCTION MARKET PENETRATION Market Develop ment Differentiation St.319 Introduction
Market penetration
Market development
Product development
Diversification St-319- Start dance cover trend in Vietnam

Notices that cover is different from copy. K-pop cover dance, St.319 also expanded into other genres such as modern dance, hip-hop dance

Their passions and never give up on their dreams, like the motto of St.319: “Never Give Up!” At first, Aiden and Zoie just dance cover K-pop MV that they like and share it on Youtube. They do it because of their passion and ambition

They decide to make professional K-pop dance cover videos and take part in many dance cover contests in the world. St.319 (Saint319) is an independent Kpopdance group from Vietnam.

"Saint" means the God, 319 is their favorite number

Founded in January 2011 by only two members (Aiden and Zoie)

St.319 is typical symbol for active, creative and enthusiastic young people Later, they discover that K-pop is getting more and more popular in Vietnam. And Vietnamese teenagers are so fascinated with K-pop. - Winner of “The Boys World Dance Cover Contest” – held by GIRLS’ GENERATION (SNSD) and SM Entertainment.
- Winner of “Twinkle World Dance Cover Contest” – held by GIRLS’ GENERATION (SNSD) and SM Entertainment.
- Global Winner of “WONDER GIRLS – Like This Flashmob World Festival” – JYP Entertainment.
- Winner of “Sexy Free and Single (SUPER JUNIOR) Dance Contest” – SM Entertainment.
- The most favorite video on everysing.com (SM Entertainment’s dance cover contest website).
- Had 4 clips appearing in the Top Cover Dance list of Mnet.com.
- Top 4 World Dance Cover Festival held by Allkpop.com.
- 2nd Runner Up of “2NE1 – I Am The Best World Dance Contest” – YG Entertainment. Product
Development 2nd Runner Up
2NE1 – "I Am The Best" Top 4
World Dance Cover Festival Winner
“Sexy Free and Single
(SUPER JUNIOR) Global Winner
"Like this" Winner
SNSD Winner
“The Boys"
SNSD St. 319 Awards Corporate withVietnamese Singer Advertise Model Brand model PIE
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