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Resource Presentation

Science Labs

Michael Zanier

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Resource Presentation

-Spillage of soilds
-Flammable liquids
-Corrosive liquids
-Storing Codes
-Ontario Building Code
- This water... Setup Responsibilities First-Aid Resource Goals -This resource will offer guidelines for student scientific investigations
-Be the overall framework for the overall scope, content, and processes of student scientific investigations.
-Following these quality guidelines will ensure a safe, functional, properly run science lab. is the foundation of any science lab... maintaining and implementing proper safety procedures will allow for a smoothly run lab Resource Assignment 1) How the lab will be conducted/handouts/
develop own documents 1) Exercise good judgment in planning and conducting student lab investigations 1) Safety Regulation, STAO Science Labs in Classrooms Safety 2) Provide Student Instruction in safe laboratory procedures 3) Provide appropriate supervision for all classroom instruction/special attention given to lab activities 4) Maintain written records 2) How the students will conduct the lab 3) Necessary Materials 4) Actual setup of the classroom 2) Every class MUST have a first-aid kit
(meet requirements of WSIB) representing our resource document, is the
water that allows the tree (a science lab) to fully flourish and be properly and
safely managed. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zRWYRL_ZuqNJL-nBaM6Hbz7gAeUbtmbq9qNTh0KyLTI/edit
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