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Thesis defence - IMC

Case study of Coco Mat S.A.

Kleo Sakellaridi

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Thesis defence - IMC

Coco Mat's dream
to open a Coco-Mat shop in every capital of the world.
Purpose of the study
Research findings
Theoretical background
Critique and suggestions
The Thesis recommends potential adaptations on IMC practices in order to address the company’s vision of becoming a global organization.
Data collection
In depth interviews
Secondary material
Filed notes
8 pillars of meaning

First RQ, overall employee impression about IMC and its functions
IMC and its purpose
consumer involvement
internal corporate structure
role of employees

Second RQ, the extent on which Coco Mat applies national and international IMC
the corporate brand and its values
IMC functions and tools
international IMC campaigns
future global IMC execution

Theoretical Background
L. T. Christensen, A. F. Firat and S. Torp (2008); Toward Flexible Integration
A critical approach on Integrated Marketing Communications

create local marketing sub units in various markets
continuously gather consumer feedback
continuously collect and analyze employee feedback
enhance employees' sense of co ownership
adopt flexible integration approach
Research findings
* the
in the background of each group represents the local environment

Integration should be conducted from a central authority
Organizational values should be consistent
Consumer incorporation in the co-creation of meaning is perilous
There are no specific means for collecting employee feedback
Employees should be committed and loyal to the brand values
In case of global expansion, there will be the call for the creation of local marketing offices
what is believed
what is happening
Prominent manifestation of brand values
The IMC message depends on the set of values the company wants to project each time
Extensive use of CSR through Corporate Philanthropy
Absence of extensive market research for the localization of IMC messages
Absence of marketing executives placed in local markets
IMC guidelines are given from the Headquarters and localized in terms of language
Universal values are used for the formation of the IMC messages
tolerate consumers' co creation of meaning
motivate employees' free role enactment
foster internal and external diversity
A prerequisite of coping with environmental complexity posed by globalization.
The thesis proposes...
Autonomous work groups
Common Starting Points - organizational values

Common End Points - organizational goals

Common Process Rules - common guidelines for discovering innovative solutions

Can all work groups function perfectly?
Invest in social capital.
Improvements in hindsight
should have included interviews from the scopes of consumers and top management
should have introduced less theories

Problems involved in the composition
full time employment
disorganized environment
Master Thesis defence

"Integrated Marketing Communications within an international business environment"

Case study of Coco Mat S.A.

by Kleio Sakellaridi
Breaking News:
Changes occurred in the Marketing Department of Coco Mat. It does not exist anymore!
The company demonstrates that it has no fear of change and novelty.
Maybe many micro "Coco Mats" will operate under the corporate umbrella.
**Year 2049
From the corporate body to a corporate collective?
Thank you very much for your time!
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