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Japan Project

No description

sam williams

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Japan Project

Japanese Artistry
Tea Ceremony
The Japanese hold etiquette in very high importance. The ceremony is meant to stimulate all of the five senses.
Many art forms of Japan are known by Americans as just all around weird.
Japanese pottery is much different from American pottery because of the tools and glazing techniques that they use.
Japanese Art
Sam Williams
Precision is infused in everything that Japan is about. Their artwork is no exception. From Tea Ceremonies to Manga. Whatever, the Japanese deliver it is sure to be top notch.
Bonsai Trees
Often called living sculpture, these miniature trees are just as important as the vessels they are kept in.
"Bonsai, loosely translated as "tree in a pot," employs refined horticultural techniques to make plants evoke great age and idealize nature in miniature" (Laufer).
Precision Walking
Yes this really does happen.
The Ceremony can be ornate or simple depending on the esteem of those attending.
This worldview creates in them an appreciation for every moment as a blessing.
They take the clay in its raw dry form and grind it with a little water to create a malleable medium.
yeah...I'm not sure either.
This is a style of what Americans would call comics.
It has many different genres, but it's Japan's flavor of literature.
little questionable, but ok
Japan creates all sorts of amazing art, and honestly some of it is lost on us. Our culture in America are completely different from that of Japan. I hope to show you all different types of art from different time periods and possibly create an appreciation for them.
I hope to give a glimpse into what the Japanese believe and how their art is shaped by that.
Pottery (cont).
I think that pottery especially intimate and very reflective of their culture. The act of sculpting something out of clay takes lots of time and precision. They are literally moving earth in their hands.
Japan has a very high population for such a small island, so literally everything has to be designed to be conscious of space. There have been many innovations because of this: such as capsule hotels and vending machines.
Theme Restaurants
Japan is also widely recognized for these. Probably the creepiest is "Alcatraz E.R." where customers eat and drink out of test tubes at their cell table.
At Ninja Akasaka guests are walked through a labyrinth to get to their table and served by ninjas.
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