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Genetically Modified Potatoes

No description

Philip Stenger

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Genetically Modified Potatoes

1845-55 1.5 million left Ireland to America
The potato famine killed over one million people
The famine was caused by a fungus called Phytophthora infestans, which turned potatoes to inedible slime.
Uses of Potatoes in the US
People only eat 25% of the potatoes harvested
Mainly used for eating: french fries, hash browns, chips or mashed potatoes
Raw sliced potatoes also help relive puffy eyes
Help treat minor burns.
Irish Potato Famine
GM potato
Pest-resistant potato in the year 1996
Known as New Leaf or Natural Mark potatoes
Designed to resist the Colorado potato beetles and the Potato Virus Y (PVY).
These potatoes contained two isolated genes from bacteria and were used to create proteins
Amflora potato
Designed thirteen years ago in Germany
It's a potato that contains only amylopectin
In a regular potato mRNA travels to the ribosomes, proteins are created and the genes are “expressed”
In a GMO potato, antisense genes are present, the mRNA creates a “mirror image” of the gene and two mRNAs attach to each other
So the gene is “blocked” from producing amylose.
Two Ways of Transporting GMO to Potatoes
“Gene gun” The gene is combined with microscopic gold pellets and placed on a support, then shot into the plant using helium.
"Agrobacterium" Two strands of DNA are cut, and one forms a protein while the other is used as a template for the complementary base.
Harmful health risks: Can cause antibiotic resistance
Cause health problems for animals eating the product
Some GM foods may contain allergens and toxins
Gene transfer may occur between organisms
Better for the environment
less energy, water and chemicals are used. Less chemical used to resist pests.
Less pesticide, better for farmers’ health
High in nutrients
Benefits farmers and people of developing countries
Reduces soil erosion
Better quality potatoes
Genetically Modified Potatoes
Pros & Cons
Genetically Modified Potatoes
By: Michaela Stellrecht
How Potatoes are Genetically Modified
Gene must be isolated
Then gene is delivered to the nucleus
Lastly it creates cell growth

Decrease in cost of production
Less money spent on pesticides and insecticides
Corn-based products would be priced 6% higher
Soybeans would be 10% higher if GM crops were not grown
Against GMO Potatoes
Groups Against GMO Potatoes
Food and Water Watch
Friends of the Earth
Center for Food Safety
Reasons the Groups are Against GMO Potatoes
Alternating the potato could affect other characteristics
Other unforeseen consequences for human health
Wants the food labeled
It's inadequate
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